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Re: Can I add a pen to my Yoga 12 thinkpad?

So now I have a Friendly Swede disc stylus as an interim measure. This is a transparent conductive plastic disc attached to a pen style stylus. It works just fine on a couple of different android tablets, in fact I rather like it on ths Samsung Galaxy pro 10.1, the other Nook HD tablet I have is a bit slow but the stylus works okay.Of course this is not pressure sensitive at all, just a more natural way of drawing. Recommended for Android devices then....


It doesn't work all that reliably on the Lenovo Yoga screen. When drawing a line it tends to lose contact and 'gap' no matter what the cleanliness of the screen and the amount of pressure you apply to the pen. This is a bit irritating, but not unexpected as there have been various write ups on Amazon where folks have said that capacitive pens don't work well on other varieties of Yoga.




I also have an old Nokia folding touch stylus which is more similar to the other offerings in this space. It is a black (I assume carbon impregnated) sponge on the end of a metal stick, somewhat similar to putting your finger on the screen anyway :-) and that works fine on the Yoga screen.

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