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Dual External Monitors 1440p & 1080p on Thinkpad Yoga S1

I have a ThinkPad S1 yoga bought in Dec 2013.


I have being using the mini hdmi to work of 1 external 1080p monitor these last few years and it has worked fine.


I now want to add a new second 1440 x 2560 along side my 1080 x 1920 monitor for a dual monitor set up. (Mostly for spreadsheets, emails, web browsing etc.)


I do not mind if one of these duplicates my laptop screen.


I was going to get the onelink dock to enable me to do this however I am not sure if it will work. I know the resolution with dual monitors running off the dock is limited at 1200p.


What I now want to do is use the mini hdmi on my laptop for one monitor and the onelink dock for the other, however I want to be sure it will work before I go and buy the monitor and dock.


Alternatively I could buy an USB 3.0 to hdmi adapted to run the 1080 monitor and a usb hub for the extra usb's I will need. (I think the dock will use less processing power and would be a slicker set up so I imagine it would be better?)


You’re  help would be appreciated as I have read there can be issues trying to get higher resolution monitors to work. 

What's DOS?
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Re: Dual External Monitors 1440p & 1080p on Thinkpad Yoga S1

I need something similar to this. I have a Thinkpad Yoga S1. I need to hook it up to two external monitors. I've been able to do that but the monitors show the same screen. I want three different screens such as one for email, one for browsing, one for working on a document. Wish I could get an answer to this before I go out buying more cables. 


I've gone into the display area on my laptop but it only shows two screens, when I click detect it doesn't find anything. Please can someone help? Many thanks in advance. 

What's DOS?
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Re: Dual External Monitors 1440p & 1080p on Thinkpad Yoga S1

Hi gbarlow! 

I was just wondering if you ever got an answer to this question that you posted as I have exactly the same query.


Any help appreciated.




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