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I have an issues with my ThinkPad Edge S430. The DVD drive is missing from "My Computer". After checking the device manager I was not even able to locate the DVD driver there as well. I am currently running Windows 8 and have Iinstalled all the drivers for Windows 8 includes BIOS updates and etc.


Is there a way that i can get this sorted out or do i have a faulty dvd drive?



You will require to go the BIOS and enable the DVD. 


  • Shutdown the machine completely
  • Reboot the machine and as soon you see the Lenovo Logo, hit the F2 key to access the BIOS
  • Once the BIOS is loaded, go to the "Security Tab" > I/O Ports
  • Under CD Drive, make sure that is set to "Enable"

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The answer provided here is wrong.  There is a faulty cable connecting the DVD drive that needs to be replaced.  Lenovo engineers should be aware and should replace it free of cost in the warranty period.  This is a known problem within Lenovo and is due to a faulty supplier wh ohas been supplying this cable.  Please reach out to your retailer or Lenovo support and demand that this problem be fixed.