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End/Insert key swap - fix inside

I have struggling for a years to make end/insert buttons work as they should. I don't need insert-key at all. I have Ctrl+V, as Apple do.

For some reason, Lenovo didn't issue any fix for a years. 

There are some ways to fix : 

1) Change keyboard layout (most popular). this causing problems if you use any external keyboard (with OneLink for example).  By using keyboard layout, you have end button on your laptop works in normal way, and end button on external keyboard is messed.

2) Autohotkey - having problems with RDP, Virtualbox. Autohotkey can't differ keyboards - so external keyboards are messed.

3) LuaMacros and HidMacros - much better and I been using them for some time. they can differ keyboards. But RDP and Virtualbox made me step away from them.


Occasionally I found Interception ( - the driver framework to make same stuff, LuaMacros do. After couple hours programming I create small program, which runs with Interception and fixes end button issue in normal apps, in RDP sessions and in virtualbox as well. My Yoga keyboard is working expecting way now.


You may download and install it here :

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Re: End/Insert key swap - fix inside



I have the same kind of problem as yours, but... inverted.


Your problem was: you wanted Fn keys + End function by default, but on your laptop [FnLock] replaces End by Insert

My problem is: I want Fn keys + Insert function by default, but on the X380 Yoga [FnLock] does NOT replace End by Insert


I understand you have very little use of the Insert key, but left handed people uses Insert a lot...


So do you think your fix or a variant could help fixing my issue as well?



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Re: End/Insert key swap - fix inside



Awaiting your answer, I've tested your fix, as even though it was designed for another model of ThinkPad and it was supposed to do the contrary to what I need. I thought the fix might still work the same:

- if End pressed -> send Insert

- if Insert pressed -> send End


And... it indeed works fine!

It does the trick on the X380 Yoga to switch from End to Insert by default.


Except, that this last part of your instructions is not working...

inter.exe "device id"

mind quotes. for example inter.exe "ACPI\VEN_MSFT&DEV_0001"

this will start fixer in hidden mode and fix end button only for the specified keyboard.

I can get my keyboard ID (similar as "ACPI\VEN_MSFT&DEV_0001 82"), but then, wether I type...

insert.exe "ACPI\VEN_MSFT&DEV_0001 82"


insert.exe "ACPI\VEN_MSFT&DEV_0001"

...the console is launched and immediately closed (maybe the way it should work "in hidden mode" but the keyboard fix is not started.


At the moment I can only run it without the keyboard ID, so for all keyboards and console open :-(


Any idea what's wrong?

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Re: End/Insert key swap - fix inside


It works.


I think I got tricked as I added the shortcut to the fix in the Startup menu of Windows and doing so, the fix starts to work quite late, after Windows is fully started and even after some other tools are also started (like Kaspersky, my printer monitoring tool, etc.). So it failed when I tried to test the fix too quickly after a reboot but it worked fine after every other software were started.


So I'll just be using your fix.

It works like a charm and I now have access to the Copy/Paste [Ctrl]+[Insert]/[Shift]+[Insert] shortcuts.


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