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To determine if a notebook, convertible, or tablet is configured for use with a pen, and the type of pen, obtain the model number (usually a ten digit number) and use it to search for the configuration on Lenovo's Product Specifications Reference (PSREF) website.












Once the model of the product or the name of the product has been provided, scroll right to look for a column named "Pen".

*Please note that in ThinkVantage products, this information is listed in the Touchscreen/Digitizer Pen/battery column.





















Please note that some products support more than one type of pen.


More Information On Pens


  • To confirm a specific model is configured for use with a pen, and which pen, visit Lenovo's Product Specifications Reference (PSREF) website or visit this blog article to learn how to use the PSREF website
  • Pen physical specifications and product numbers can be found on Lenovo’s Support website
  • This blog article lists ways to order a Lenovo pen
  • A list of Lenovo systems that support pens can be found in this blog article
  • The difference between the types of pen Lenovo sells can be found in this blog article
  • Suggestions on how not to use an active or passive Lenovo pen are summarized in this blog article
  • is a great resource for finding pen product specifications, ordering pen replacements, and other pen-related information

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