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What's DOS?
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Intel display audio driver update for Yoga (thinkpad) 20CD002JUS

Signed up for this specific topic; been searching everywhere with nothing panning out.  Conexant SmartAudio HD, Lenovo ThinkPad OneLink Dock, and Intel(R) Display Audio are my sound drivers/controllers.  Conexant is running computer speakers in HD, I have no speakers connected to Onelink, and my real question Intel(R) Display Audio the dedicated HDMI driver is running through Onelink to my LG OLED TV.  


Problem is Intel(R) Display Audio doesnt support HD formats I know with certainty my TV does in fact in sound settings it excludes tens if not hundreds of supported formats and is maxed at 2 channels while TV is 4 naitive upscaled to 7.1.  Up until 3 days ago I new nothing of any of this and first suspected the Onelink which it may still be but I'm convinced its the dedicated HDMI driver Intel(R) Display Audio.


Is there any driver or software that I can use for HDMI from the Onelink that is passed through a sound driver/controller similar to Intel High Definition Audio driver which would allow me to have HD sound (this search began because of a stutter in sound for .2-2 sec every 5-20 min on HD playback in Kodi (post buffer and nonexistant on playback)).  Thanks

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