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Lenovo ThinkPad S230u Screen not working Laptop runs

Good morning,


Trying to figur out what to do with my Laptop.


Long story short. It ran perfectly fine. I turn it on one morning and I hear laptop running, fans pinning rtc but screen not turning on. I tried pressing buttons, shutting down, tapping on screen, flipping screen, trying to make it brighter. Nothing.


I used Mini Display port to see if I can determine if my screen is dead and I plugged it to my external monitor - Nothing.


I Disassamble it. Unplugged the power from battery and I ran it on Charger only. Same thing.


Any suggestions?


If I leave laptop turned on and I shut down the lid, the laptop never shuts itself down. It's running constantly until runs out of power.



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Re: Lenovo ThinkPad S230u Screen not working Laptop runs



It looks like a hardware problem. It can be focused on the video chipset, which is generally solder to the mainboard, or it can be a display issue. It can be interesting if you can provide the full model number of your Thinkpad so it can be documented on the forum.


To try to pin down if is a display issue or it does not boot at all you may ask you. Does it feels/sounds like Windows is loading? Does it do something when you turn it on, HDD spining and HDD reading like normal booting?.


If Windows does not seems to be booting I think it may be mainboard. In any of the two possibilities you should check with you local Lenovo Support Center to see if it can be fixed. Let's hope it is under warranty.


Sorry for not providing you more feedback.



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