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Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga S1 Fn Key Non-Functional

I was in a meeting and stopped using my laptop for around 10/20 minutes or so. When I went back to my laptop to type, the Fn key was stuck; pressing space toggled the backlit keys. I tried pressing Esc to turn on/off the FnLk, but the problem was still there regardless of whether FnLk was on or not. Then I restarted. However, the Fn key does not work at all now. Pressing Fn in combination with F1-12, space, or esc does not do any of the functions it should do. Pressing F1-12 without the Fn key doesn't do any of the special functions either.


When I changed the settings so that the functions were the default on the F1-12 keys, they worked, but I like having the default of F1-F12 stay as they were instead. I went onto the BIOS and switched the Fn key with the Ctrl key. Ctrl+ the other keys worked for the functions including the backlit keys, but I also am used to the default key positions.


Actually, my Fn key started to spontaneously work just now. But it's stuck. Is the problem in my keyboard?

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