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Lenovo Thinkpad S440 with HD+ Display: Black Screen after replacing the Screen with a new one



I am new here and I realy hope you can help me! I've have the Lenovo Thinkpad S440 (as in the description). It is the model with SSD, i5 U, Intel integrated graphics, 8GB Ram etc. The display which was build in was the HD+ matt model (1600x900 px) I've had some water in bag back pouring into the screen. I tried to fix it and after I disassembled the screen, I got all the water out of it but the backlight was not working anymore. So I ordered a new display. While I was looking for it, I came to the knwoledge, that you can take a replacement screen from the Lenovo Thinkpad T440s, at least considering that most 1600x900px displays seem to be the same for each of them. So I thought: okay, then I should be able to use the 1080p display for the t440s as well, since it also has a 30 pin eDP connector.

So I ordered one and put it in my S440 and it fits perfektly. But now the display only gives a really dim short fliker while booting the machine and nothing is viewable, so the display stays completely black. Is there a possibility to fix it or can I only use the 1600x900 px displays on the s440?


As I sayd the screen fits perfect and the 30 pin eDP connector also fits perfekt into the new display. If I use an external display via HDMI, the image is shown normal on this external screen. Also it seems that the new internal screen is not recognised, since in the intel graphics options I cannot chose it as the main screen, only if I go for dual screen it is an option.


I hope one of you can help me.


Thanks alot!



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Re: Lenovo Thinkpad S440 with HD+ Display: Black Screen after replacing the Screen with a new one

Hi, welcome to the forums.


I'm not much of a hardware guy, but I had dissasembly and change parts of a Thinkpad on the past.  The easy way is always to call Lenovo support and send it for repair for a fee, but that is not the case of the people that likes to repair them on their own Smiley Happy


Sometimes it is very hard to get a part only by findind a similar thing that fits. On that case sometimes it works and sometimes dont.


What it is usefull on Thinkpads are some things.

1) The support site for your model is the basic site to assist you with some information:


2) The Maintenace Manual that teachs you how to dissasembly the machine. It is on the support of your model under "Documentation".

Here I found it: Hardware Maintenance Manual - ThinkPad S440


3) The Part Numbers or FRUs: On the same support site on "Documentation" there is the part numbers list.

For example on your case:

LCD service parts - ThinkPad S440 (with non-touch panel)

LCD service parts - ThinkPad S440 (with touch panel)

System service parts - ThinkPad S440


For example  "LCD service parts - ThinkPad S440 (with non-touch panel)" points you to this PDF file.  There you can find the part number of the screen that you are looking for.  With that part number it will be easy to order it on the Lenovo authorized service center or even Amazon or ebay.


I hope this gives you some hints about replacing parts on Thinkpads on your own, it can be fun from time to time Smiley Happy



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Re: Lenovo Thinkpad S440 with HD+ Display: Black Screen after replacing the Screen with a new one

1600x900 panel needs only one data lane. FHD panels are using two lanes. S440 panel cable doesn't have two lanes (FHD was not an option). So, you need to add this extra data lane (two data wires - pins 3 and 4 of edp plug + shield) and FHD panel will work properly.

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