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Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga - murky areas on screen

Add this to the list of: "Reasons why the Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga is a cash grab". Cheap materials, high premium cost.


This is my second Thinkpad Yoga and I have a murky screen. I need this corrected Lenovo. The murky area is very noticable when I use colours such as dark green or grey.


If I had seen this issue during the my return period I would have gotten rid of this machine long ago...I also have the screen retention in which I noticed within the first week of light use.....I bought the TPY late January and IIve only needed to recharge my device 3 times in total. 


Murky Screen Image


 Lenovo must thinkg people who pay USD1500+ for the TPY wouldn't notice....the screens need to be fixed. 



1) Does the warrenty/extended warrenty even cover this problem? (For USD1500+ it best be covered)


It's hard to descibe the murky screen over the phone.


I'd hate to uninstall my applications and transfer files if the Lenovo repair centre just gives me back a unit with no changes....That would be total waste of time.  (I'm a digital artist with too many application to count ranging from 2d to 3d, intalling all my apps takes up too much time)


I feel uncomfrotable leaving my unbtrabook witht eh repair centre without wiping it first on my end, but that would be pointless if Lenovo can't do anything.


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Re: Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga - murky areas on screen

1) I would think such problem is covered by warranty, as long as its not user induced and is reproducible by the technician.

It would great if you can print out the screenshot of the problem (i.e. print a photo of this), and include this with the laptop when you send it into the depot.

Jin Li

May this year, be the year of 'DO'!

I am a volunteer, and not a paid staff of Lenovo or Microsoft
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Re: Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga - murky areas on screen

Thanks for the suggestion, Jin.


I don't want to spend more money printing out screen shots. The TPY is costing me too much as it is; time, money, disapointment and frustration.


I was planning on leaving the sample pictures (single toned colour pics) on my the desktop for the technician to open and see the areas affected. 


I really don't look forward to uninstalling my applications and then wait to see if the tecnician actually fixes it. TYP is honestly the worse thing to happen to me in recent years. So much grief.

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