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Lenovo Twist: Touchscreen issues after resume from sleep


I am experiencing a bug with my Lenovo Twist when it resumes from sleep mode. When I wake it back up, the touchscreen has 3 touch marks midway down on the right side of the screen (the circular marks that render on the screen under your finger when you touch the screen). 


It completely messes up all the touchscreen functionality. For instance, on login screen, cannot flip up the screen to type login. I have to use trackpad and type using keyboard because several of the touchscreen letters won't register.


The charms bar won't come up either.  The problem goes away after a restart, however it is very annoying having to restart my laptop every time it falls asleep. 


I need to know if this is a known software issue that can be resolved with a patch, or if I need to return my unit as defective and get a replacement..


There are multiple symptoms / issues that can affect the touchscreen. Some are that it could become unresponsive when coming back from sleep,  that the charms swipe doesn't always work, or that the touch intermittantly starts or stops working after several mins.


As there are different symptoms and potential causes it is difficult for Lenovo to deliver one single solution which satisfies all.  We make this point because some customers have pointed out that they  had their issue solved through service.  I would recommend that you try the following:


1) Update to the latest BIOS, Power Management, Ultranav and display drivers.


2) Check to see if narrator is running if you experience issues after resuming from sleep.


3) Install the firmware update for the touch screen. See this article.  This package is available through the Lenovo support site. Please click on the link below to download the Firmware.


Atmel touch controller firmware update tool


4) If you have done all these things, it is possible that you do have a hardware issue with the LCD assembly, the display cable, or the system board.  It is impossible to say with certainty which is the cause in all cases, so if you have exhausted all software remedies, it is time to give Lenovo service a call.

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