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Lenovo Yoga 460 - Bluetooth and Wifi low preformance

Recently there was a Wifi Driver issue, which got resolved when the service guy came and replaced it, 6-8 weeks ago.


After that my Wifi works fine but has a bit of a performance issue - It takes some time to identify Wifi Networks.


If I switch on my bluetooth, the wifi performance degrades more, i.e. more time to identify network and the speeds of download/upload deteriorates a lot (A video in Youtube 720p quality is brought down to 144p).

In addition it seems to take a lot of time for my bluetooth to identify a device.


Does the Wifi and Bluetooth share the antennas? If so does this mean the antenna have a problem now?

Is there a way to troubleshoot this? maybe by checking speed on Wifi and bluetooth.

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Re: Lenovo Yoga 460 - Bluetooth and Wifi low preformance



I odn't have that model, but just in case what you can always try is to get the latest wireless driver, sometimes I have some issues with some older wifi drivers.


Check the support site and see if there is a newer driver for the wifi. Check your "WIndows Device Manager" and see the version of the driver you have installed for the wireless adapter.


I also like to test the wifi with different routers on some other networks just be sure that is not a local problem of my router too.


It is also good the check the maintenance manual of your model to see the cables and the antennas. I'm not sure if that is exactly your model, but it seems it was two antennas for the WAN network and 2 for the LAN. It does not specify anything about the bluetooth.



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