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Blue Screen Again
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No WWAN capability for Yoga 260?!

I purchased my Yoga 260 ThinkPad (i5) in December '15 from IBM website (USA).  Spoke with terchnical sale prior to purchase to verify that the unit had WWAN capability as stated in the many marketing releases.  I was told that it was LTE capable and Lenovo was waiting for the WWAN card availability.  About a month later I called to check on status of availability.  No specific date was given, BUT I was given an FRU # for WWAN card (00JT542) specific to my Yoga 260 model # (provided my exact model # to technical assistance).  I then ordered the card from IBM Parts online.  The initial ETA was February '16.  Finally arrived in June '16.  The arriving part was a  "Sierra Wireless Airprime  Model: EM7455"  Qualcomm card.  Just yesterday I went to install the card following instructions in the Yoga 260 Thinkpad user guide.  The SIM card slot/tray is functional and the WWAN fits nicely in the chassis (no holding screw though).  However, there are no attenae connections.  The integrated LTE functionality was the compelling reason for my purchase.  Of course there are other work arounds to get LTE, but had I known the unit wasn't capable with the integrated card, I would not have purchased it.  


I'm not sure where to start to get response/accommodation from IBM.  Does anyone else have similar situation and/or suggestions on how to address?


Many Thanx!


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Re: No WWAN capability for Yoga 260?!

Hello TD22, welcome to the community,


The user guides are generic and cover all possible system configurations, the same applies to harware maintenance manuals, and may feature options which are not present on your particular system.


The early Yoga 260s were not equipped with WWAN or WWAN antennae because at that time no international agency approvals had been received for the transmit and receive functions. Systems which are agency qualified may have WWAN integrated at the factory or be WWAN ready with factory installed antennae but no WWAN module.


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Blue Screen Again
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Re: No WWAN capability for Yoga 260?!

Hi Andy,

Thank you for your response and shared insights.  Yep, it is clear that the earlbest models (of which mine is one) did not ship with the antennae.  However, they were all marketed and sold as WWAN capable ... only requiring the WWAN card when it became available.   From at least 11/2015, the Yoga 260 ttechnical sales materials, specifications, press releases all refer to it having this caliability.  yoga 260 WWAN cards only recently became available for order, so I suspect that there will be increasingly more issues as owners who expected WWAN capability find their unit is not capable as expected.   I am curious to kno. how many units were shipped without antennae before they began to include them. 


I'm still searching for Lenovo contact/process to have my unit "repaired" with the appropriate antennae connections.


Appreciate any direction.


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