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Odd light blue grid appearing in desktop background

Whenever I flip my ThinkPad Yoga 14 (best buy model w/ nvidia 940m) into tablet mode, or sometimes when I close it and open it, the background changes to this odd light blue color with a grid pattern of dots on it. It's just the background though, i.e. anything a level above it (like my browser window now) is fine. But if I minimize it, light blue w/ dots. Goes away only if I restart until I flip again or something. Tried updating all drivers to no avail. Anyone w/ similar symptoms? Attached screenshot.


Edit: Also will go away if I go to personalize and switch background to solid color, then back to slideshow again. Maybe a windows problem? All hardware checks out w/ lenovo solution center.

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Re: Odd light blue grid appearing in desktop background

Hi, welcome to the forums


On my Thinkpad Yoga 14, I had also experience issues with the video (but different from your issue), but it got fixed with some video driver update a long time ago.


Let me recommend you to use "Lenovo Companion" and check for any Intel video driver update from there. It is also usefull to be at the last BIOS available for your model too.  I also use GeForce Experience from time to time to update the NVIDIA drivers too.



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