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Onelink Pro Dock Thinkpad Yoga 15 boot freezing

After updating Onelink Pro Dock to firmware version 2.30.000, system boot is no longer possible with closed lid.

Opening lid after starting boot doesn't help, only way out seems to be an emergency power off.

Booting system with open lid works fine, even when closing lid before logon.

System is Thinkpad Yoga 15 running Windows 10 Pro.

Thinkpad Onelink Pro Dock driver is 1.08.36

Setting Boot Time Extension in BIOS doesn't help any

Problem didn't show up before firmware update.

Any suggestions?

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Re: Onelink Pro Dock Thinkpad Yoga 15 boot freezing



I don't understand completely your problem. Is the computer complete shut down and you are turning it on with the lid close and with the button of the OneLink dock and it is not working? or are you using the Onlink Dock button to start the machine from sleep or hibernation and it not working? or both?


I don't have that machine, my only wild guess will be to try to update the BIOS on the Thinkpad Yoga 15 from the support site. Sometime Lenovo updates somethings related to dock compatibility.


My second try will be to update the Lenovo Power management driver on the machine.


Sorry that it is just "trial and error", but I don't think it will take you too much time to give it a try.





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Re: Onelink Pro Dock Thinkpad Yoga 15 boot freezing

Thanks for your suggestions. Unfortunately there was no success. I still have to open the lid before booting.

Some additional specifications:

Computer is connected to the dock, is completely shut down and the lid is closed. LAN, monitor, keyboard and mouse are connected to the dock. I start the computer either with the button on the dock or the power button on the computer without opening the lid (this is possible as the power button is on the right side of the computer). This procedure worked before updating the docks firmware (I hoped to get rid of occasional external monitor flickering by updating the firmware, but still have it). Since the update I have to open the lid before pressing either power button. I close it as soon as the Windows power up screen shows (first Windows 10 screen of the power up sequence showed on external monitor – not sure but I think I had earlier screens of the startup process on the external monitor before updating the firmware).

Additional remarks on behavior of the system:

On battery, system does not start at all when pressing the power button while lid is closed. This does make sense to me. It’s preventing the system to start accidentally when stuffed in a bag.

Plugged in to AC adapter (not dock), systems starts normally when pressing the power button with closed lid. Opening after a while shows the windows power on screen. Same procedure while plugged in to Dock freezes the system during the power up sequence.


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Re: Onelink Pro Dock Thinkpad Yoga 15 boot freezing

I have identical problems with X1 Carbon and Onelink+ (with the exception of the location of the power button). The system will not boot up from the button on the dock. Disconnecting devices from the dock does not help. This behavior started after one of updates, but I can't reconstruct the time series.

Waiting for dock replacement from Lenovo (it was their suggestion to do so), but hope Lenovo will also

consider possible driver issues.

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