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P40 Yoga, Broken screen, massive frustration

Having got my hands on a p40 yoga, after many months waiting, and moved deadlines, it was in my possession for no longer than 2-3 weeks before someone walked passed it, dragged the cable with their foot & pulled it to the floor.


Dead screen. Disaster.


So I'll get a new one - no FRU number in the model guide, Lenovo parts can't help, Lenovo tech support can't get the number either.


No choice, take it apart myself & find the FRU number on the back of the panel.


I have found it - 01AW136


However, no parts will be available until July???? 


If I order a new p40 I will have it in 7 days, so why can't the parts be had????


Woe betide any who supports the manufacturer by buying the latest machines & then suffers the misfortune of damaging it.


This is pretty poor.


Can I separate the screen from the glass/panel/touch etc & just replace the LCD from BOE - has anyone tried this?




Many thanks,


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Re: P40 Yoga, Broken screen, massive frustration

Hi, welcome to the forums.


I don't have experience replacing the inside of the LCD or separing the glass.

I just want to share with you the Maintenance Manual of your model and also the LCD parts numbers, there is a PDF for the P40, but I think you already found those.


Sorry that is not much, but I think you can confirm the part number you found against the parts FRUs PDF.



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Re: P40 Yoga, Broken screen, massive frustration

I don't have a P40 to look at, but, in general, the digitizer is bonded to the LCD and cannot be removed or replaced separately.  Also, if your broken screen does not light up, it is also possible that you blew the motherboard fuse or circuitry that controls the backlight. 


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