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Problems with ThinkPad Yoga S1 WiFi adapter and auto rotate. Broken motherboard?

I've had my yoga for almost two years now and recently I've been having two issues:


1. The WiFi adapter will sometimes go out and it won't even show up on the device manager. The only "fix" I've found so far is to shut down and turn the computer back on (usually at least a couple of times) until the adapter starts showing up again. I've gone to the bios to check to see if it's showing up when I run the motherboard test and sometimes the PCI slot that it occupies doesn't even show up. I've been having to use a small USB WiFi adapter when the onboard adapter feels like being particularly uncooperative on certain days.


2. At random times (every few hours or so) when the laptop is just sitting on my desk, I will get an auto rotate notification and the screen will change its orientation, go into tablet mode, and disable the mouse and keyboard. Usually the screen will go back to normal after a few seconds, but the keyboard and mouse will still be disabled and the only way to get them both activated again (as far as I know) is to shut down the laptop and then turn it back on.


My guess is that these two problems might be related. The reason why I think so is because I had similar issues a year ago with the WiFi adapter frequently not showing up on the device manager. I had the laptop sent in and it turned out to be an issue with the motherboard, which had to be replaced. So my guess is that there's something wrong with the motherboard again, which is affecting both the WiFi adapter and the sensor that controls the auto rotation. I'm hoping that's not the case, however, as the laptop has been out of warranty since last year. Does anyone know how expensive it would be to send the laptop in for repairs out-of-warranty? Because I imagine having to get the motherboard replaced again would be expensive. In lieu of that, I could just keep using the USB WiFi adapter, and maybe someone would know how to make it so that they keyboard and mouse don't both get disabled when the laptop auto rotates and goes into tablet mode?

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Re: Problems with ThinkPad Yoga S1 WiFi adapter and auto rotate. Broken motherboard?

Hi, welcome to the forums.


I always try to check out some software options before saying it is hardware issue. Maybe in your case, if you didn't do it already, I would try to update some of the drivers to see how it works.


Here are my thoughts.

Check the support site of the "ThinkPad Yoga S1"

1) Just in case check the version of the BIOS you have installed and update it to the latest available.

2) Check an update for the Wifi driver according to your Windows version.

If you are using Windows 10 maybe you should give a try to "DriverEasy" (not supported by Lenovo) to see if there is another available driver for it.

3) As a next guess with the Wifi, check also if you get disconnected only with one specific "Access Point", or if you are on other location and connected to other wifi router does it gives the same issue.

4) When your wifi disconnects, Did you checked the "Windows Device Manager" and see if it still recognize the Wifi adapter as plugged? If it does not recognize it as plugged I might think it is more of a hardware related issue.


About the auto-rotate I still haven't learn which is the specific drivers that is required for Windows to recognize that device/feature. Some guy on other forums threads told me it is the "Intel Integrated Sensor Solution" driver but I'm still not sure about that.


If you are using Windows 10 maybe I would try to install Lenovo Settings and Lenovo Companion from the Windows App Store, Lenovo Companion also has a "update driver search" utility that can help sometimes.


Sorry that I'm just guessing, but it will be interesting to try all the posible ways updating the drivers before trying to change the mainboard.... just to be sure about it.



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Paper Tape
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Re: Problems with ThinkPad Yoga S1 WiFi adapter and auto rotate. Broken motherboard?

Thanks for the reply.


Unfortunately, I am quite sure that it is a hardware problem since changing the drivers doesn't help (I tried this a year ago when I was having similar issues and sent the laptop in to get fixed), and I have seen the adapter disappear from the device manager. In fact, the onboard WiFi adapter hasn't worked at all since I posted this thread a week ago, so at this point I'm quite sure that it simply isn't working. I can get around this with my (not as good) USB WiFi adapter for now until I either get the computer fixed or simply get a new one. At this point, I just want a ballpark estimate for repairs.


But for now, the most annoying and persistent problem is the issue with the auto rotate. This problem occurs at least a couple of times every day and I still haven't been able to find a solution.

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