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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Thinkpad S3 Yoga 14 - Random shut offs when not plugged in

Ok so it took a week cause there were no main boards in the US to make a change, but this morning a new board arrived here from Canada.  A few hours later the local tech arrived and switched it out.  So far so good, no power downs in the first hour.  Now works on battery again.  Hopefully it will last :-)   Only thing is bios are now V 1.06 instead of 1.08.  Don't plan on making a change in that for a few days at least.

Token Ring
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Re: Thinkpad S3 Yoga 14 - Random shut offs when not plugged in

Type: 20DM0000vus


I've been having the issue for two months and I thought I must be bumping the power button. This is really quite frustrating.



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Thinkpad Yoga 14 - Machine defect or bad systemboard?

Hi everyone!


So please bare with me on this; I'm not a computer-savvy person but I'll do my best at explaining the current situation. I've only had my Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 14 for about 1 and a half months now:


- It started out with the battery. While the battery lasts roughly 6 hours or so, the reading on it was all over the place. One minute it said 50% and 2 hours remaining, then five minutes later if you check back it would say 67% and 1 hour remaining. All the while the battery continues to operate at a seemingly normal pace. This was literally the next day after I recieved it.


- Two weeks in and I get a pop-up that says "battery cannot be detected; replace battery". Naturally, I'm concerned, I call tech support and they assure me it's a software issue. We remote access my laptop, update everything, uninstall and reinstall the power manager. The problem doesn't go away. It's still there.


- One month into this, and my laptop starts glitching. I turn on my laptop and I get the Lenovo Logo welcome then a black screen. There's light shining off the edges so it's not totally dead - but it's a blank black screen which lasts for 5 minutes. I restart the laptop; same thing. I do this about 5 times over and finally I can get on to my account login page. I try to login but the system freezes for about a minute before finally letting me in.


- The next day I get ANOTHER pop up that says the battery cannot be detected; please replace. It looks like this:



- Since then my laptop has gotten progressively worse. Every now and then it won't register my finger for the touch screen. It's slow to start some times and I still get the occassional black screen. But as of three days ago I now get the black screen and one beep every now and then. My laptop has also decided to just randomly switch off from time to time, and sometimes it restarts okay and other times I get the above mentioned scenario.


I have a technician coming in on Friday. After chatting with about 6 tech reps, the majority concensus is that it's a systemboard + battery issue. I've got both parts and the tech guy coming in to hopefully sort this thing out, but I wanted to see what everyone else thought. I mean, I've only had this laptop for less than two months. It shouldn't be acting up like this and judging by the sales rep that I've spoke to? Getting a replacement machine is going to be an uphill battle so I might just buy another laptop.

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Re: Thinkpad S3 Yoga 14 - Random shut offs when not plugged in

It would be really helpful is someone who is seeing the battery error could make a video of the error and the webpage it sends users to, and post the link to the video here.


Thank you,

Punch Card
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Re: Thinkpad S3 Yoga 14 - Random shut offs when not plugged in

Really difficult (almost impossible) to do a video of the battery error, since, at least in my case, it's totally random and doesn't happen very often.   However, I did make a video of the laptop turning off when moving it. After my local repairshop's last attempt to fix it, it actually was better for some time and now is straight back to 100% not usable without battery. I'm uploading the videos to YouTube as we speak and will send you a PM with the links then.  



Today I got my replacement laptop. BIOS info comparison with my current one is here:


(Left one is old, right one is new)


  Currently, the new one doesn't seem to have the turning off issue, however the old laptop also didn't have it in the first few days.

Paper Tape
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Re: Thinkpad S3 Yoga 14 - Random shut offs when not plugged in

Okay, Sorry for being away from the forum for a while.


I noticed over time that my electrical tape fix just wasn't working, over time the fix failed, until it got to the point that unplugging the laptop would cause an immediate power failure.


I basically got fed up, opened up the laptop, and soldered the switch leads together. I failed to take a picture of it, so Ill drew a diagram of basically what I did:


diagram fix.png


I essentially soldered the leads in the direction perpendicular to the board edge, causing the switch to always report the back cover closed. I screwed the laptop shut and have not been having issues since. I would reccomend lenovo pick a less sensitive lid detection switch or otherwise disable the "case open, no AC, cut power" functionality of the board.

its so typical that a faulty $0.10 component could render a $1000 laptop unusable, but I can understand how it can come about.

Paper Tape
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Re: Thinkpad S3 Yoga 14 - Random shut offs when not plugged in

Im following up on my post to report that soldering the switch contacts together has been a successful fix. I have not had any problems with the laptop shutting down.


I have carried the laptop around in my computer bag and was pleasantly surprised with a laptop maintained its sleep state. holding the laptop in various ways and making jerky moves no longer results in a laptop shutdown.


This confirms in my mind that this issue is DEFINITELY caused by the back cover detection switch.

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Re: Thinkpad S3 Yoga 14 - Random shut offs when not plugged in

The investigation into these reports has concluded. My thanks to Un1ty and Ppihus for their assistance.


If your ThinkPad S3 Yoga 14 laptop is randomly shutting off when moved, shutting off when the battery appears to be charged, or shows a "Click here for replacement options" message during normal use, please call Lenovo Service for assistance and reference Service TIP SF15-T0028/ HT102958.


Here is a link to the Service TIP which has been made public:


Thank you,

Paper Tape
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Re: Thinkpad S3 Yoga 14 - Random shut offs when not plugged in

Thank you RegisterFault for providing the insight on how to resolve the random power shutdown issue.  Applying solder into the sw2 sensor worked for me as well.  I used two 1/4 inch pieces of 60/40 Electrical Rosin Core Solder, and applied it with a 35 watt soldering iron. I am sure a 25 watts iron would have beeen sufficient.  The job costs about  $20 in parts - $10 for the soldering iron and $10 for the solder wire.  


I had to create two blobs (one on each side of the sensor)  as  shown in the drawing.  I must have missed one of the sensors in my first try because it did not resolve the issue.  In my second attempt, I made the solder blobs a tad larger (the same width as the sensor.)   That resolved the issue.   I no longer have any random shutdowns when powering  the laptop with the battery.   The job does require a steady hand, but only takes a couple of minutes.  




What's DOS?
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Re: Thinkpad S3 Yoga 14 - Random shut offs when not plugged in

I just purchased by Lenovo Yoga 14 from Best Buy yesterday.  It is fully charged and randomly shutting off! Started customizing! Time, time, time!

@ppihus wrote:

I also have 20DM-000VUS, not sure about the original BIOS version though since I downgraded using the files on the Lenovo site (but definitely downgraded).


I just got my laptop back from the shop and I\ve been running it for ~1 hour now and so far so good. The shop replaced Power and IO Subcards "FRU 00HN613 and FRU 00HN612".


PS. Now the left USB is not working at all. Afaik it was also replaced. Already talked to the shop and I have to take the laptop back, they will replace it again.


1/20 EDIT: This message has been moved to the front of the discussion for escalation purposes. Amy_Lenovo

Starting a new job Monday and can't afford this happening. I went with Lenovo Thinkpad thinking I wouldn't have such an issue! Now I have lost trust as I present and demo on the road and can't afford to be without. My Model# is 20DM-000VUS. Very disappointed! Time wasted having to go back return and perhap purchase another brand! Bummer!

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