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Paper Tape
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References for screen replacement - Yoga 260

Good morning/afternoon to you all.


First of, thanks a lot for letting me into the community. I hope we'll be able to exchange as often as possible.


Well i'm a digital artist and i wanted to combine a professional laptop with some creative possibilities. So Yoga 260 seemed to be the best match (for its maneuvrability and integrated stylus)... to the point I saw the exact screen specifications... which are to be perfectly honest, pretty disappointing when it comes to refresh rate and Gamma/Adobe RGB range coverage.


So i simply want to customize the hell of my future Yoga260 future acquisition, but I have 2 questions:

  • Can any 12.5i multi-touch display do the trick, or must I get something compatible in any way.
  • If I must get something compatible, which Full HD screen with better RGB ranges so i can do a better job ? Smiley Happy

Many thanks for any help you can provide me.


All the Best



Paper Tape
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Re: References for screen replacement - Yoga 260

Well I found other screens there:


But i'm afraid it will be the same in some ways. And for me it's impossible to check on the technical specs of the screen about refresh rate and gamma range.


Any idea is very welcomed Smiley Happy

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Re: References for screen replacement - Yoga 260

Hi Maxut


Welcome to the forums.


Some trick to know the specification of a computer is trying to find the full model number of it (or as close you can get) and check the PS REF book online.


I don't recommend buying a Thinkpad (or any brand) to change the screen for something that is not formally approved for your model number. You should double check with the FRU (parts) manual of your model the pieces that you are putting on it.


Also, when you customize the TP Y 260 (Not sure if applies for your contry) there is the option to add the "12.5" FHD (1920 x 1080), IPS,Multitouch".

2016-05-10 07_46_37-ThinkPad Yoga 260 _ 12.5_ 2-in-1 Business Laptop _ Lenovo US.png


Sadly I don't have this model, so I can not tell you if the TP Y 260 with "12.5" FHD (1920 x 1080)" will cover your needs or not.

Can you specify a little bit what kind of feature are you looking in the "1920 x 1080" display? Maybe we can find some more information.




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Paper Tape
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Re: References for screen replacement - Yoga 260

Hi Martini,


I understand. I will check the full reference indeed.


What I'm looking for is of course a 1080p screen, but also one that would have a better RGB coverage (roughly, it is the range of color luminance the screen is capable of supporting).


This laptop has everything i need, from the tablet bending position to the pressure sensitive stylus and the double touch sensitivity. The only issue i have is the screen RGB range really. Otherwise everything is great.


Many thanks for your guidance.


Cheers, Max

Paper Tape
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Re: References for screen replacement - Yoga 260

Dear all,


Thank you to Maxut for raising the issue of screen upgrades on the Yoga 260.


I have posted this question in the Yoga 260 forum (, but I was wondering if anyone has had ANY success (at all) in upgrading the Yoga 260 screen from 768 to 1080?


Previous attempts to do this with a Thinkpad 450 ran into trouble on account of some driver issues and the driver being somehow locked to the old display (at some point in the discussion about screen compatibility it starts sailing over my head, EDIDs etc.). Is the Yoga 260 likely to be the same?







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