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Paper Tape
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Replace SSD

I have a Thinkpad twist 33476UU with a failed controller for the 500gb HD. I've read that it requires a motherboard replacement which is difficult to do where I live. I ordered a larger 1TB HD model with similar specs from the manufacturer but it is physically too thick to fit in the slot. I've kept it for use as an external HD with an adapter cable.


The system defaults to the default 28gb SSD to boot and works very well except for the small size. I'm using a 32GB SD camera-card in the card slot for temporary storage along with a 1TB external. I would like to replace the SSD with either a 128 or larger SSD but need to know if it will fit in the same space. Are different capacity SSD drives the same physical size? Will this work?


A related matter is that the Win8 activation apparently didn't follow the boot-from-SSD. How can I activate it?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Replace SSD


Small SSD currently instaled is for the cache purpose. Replace it with another drive, 250-512 GB, and even 1 TB. Samsung, Crucial etc offer such drives. Their type is mSATA, the same one you have.

Regarding the Windows 8 activation: the key is stored in the BIOS. The best and simplest solution is to use Lenovo Factory Recovery media. Or use clear ms original installation ISO image, the same product and redaction as was preinstalled. It'll might avoid the activation troubles. In case of activation issues contact ms support during the activation process.

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Paper Tape
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Re: Replace SSD

I have received this reply from Crucial concerning their 1TB SSD drive which I would have liked to replace the SanDisk 24GB SSD drive:


Hello Cary,

Thank you for contacting Crucial. Our SSDs will work to replace your 500GB drive but not the Sandisk Drive. The Sandisk is a different form factor that we do not carry. I apologize for the inconvenience and have a great rest of your day.

If you have further questions, we welcome your email reply.  You can also visit our Contact page at for other ways to reach us.


In other words, the Crucial is not an option.

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