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S440 Widi Problem

Hey, I am struggling trying to get my TV connected via WiDi.

I used to have the WiDi software installed on my Lenovo S440, but when I connected my S440 to my TV, it could only transmit the video, but no audio / sound signal. So I decided to reinstall the WiDi software.


Once I got it uninstalled, I couldn't find a way to reinstall it. I downloaded the software from the Intel website, installed, but it canceled just before the end, saying my S440 is not compatible with WiDi.


Next thing I tried was using the Lenovo Solution Center, checking for updates and it said I was missing the WiDi software. Tried to install it, but it ended the same way as above, the installation failed just before it could finish, telling me it's not compatible. It suggested to install it manually, but of course, that didn't work either.


So then I got the WiDi Compability Software by Intel, ran it, and it said, that I it is possible to run on my S440 (since it worked before uninstalling anyway), but I needed to update my graphics driver from to


Using the software updater by Intel didn't work, since Lenovo has its own graphic drivers. So I got the newest (2013) driver by Lenovo, installed it (yet it was the same I still had installed), tried it all over again, NO SUCCESS.


Does anyone have an idea on what to do? Also I cant find any newer graphics driver other than


I have Windows 7 running on a custom Lenovo S440.




Thanks in advance

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