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Paper Tape
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S540 2100 Detection Erro on HDD0



I've bought a S540, december 2014. Since a few weeks I'm getting the error:
"2100 : Detection error on HDD0 (Main HDD)"

A clean install of Win10 doesn't work, he just isn't able to find the HDD so I can't install win10 on anything.


Q1) Anyone agrees that this is way to soon for a HDD to die? Lenovo service centre in the Netherlands is not willing to do anything because one year of warranty is expired, really annoying.

Q2) Current installed BIOS-version is 1.57, current downloadable version is 1.66. Could it be that a BIOS update will result in a detectionable HDD?

Q3) If so, how can I update the BIOS via USB since the HDD is not available and my S540 doesn't have a CD-ROM player? See which only mentiones via a working Windows (HDD) and a CD-rom player.



Paper Tape
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Re: S540 2100 Detection Erro on HDD0

I have the exact same problem.. I've changed the harddisk (Samsung SSD 840) to a brand new Kingston SDD (240 Gb). and it still does the same problem. I've had it in for diagnostics twice, but they can't seem to find the problem. Once in a while the computer detects the harddisk and I'm able to open windows (otherwise it opens the boot-menu), and it stays stable for somewhat 10 min and then the computer freezes and restarts. 


I've had the detection problem for quite a while now (since March), and just restarted the computer and continued working until I turned it off myself. But the problem became worse, and now I can't even use it. 

I really hope you can help me. I love to work with this model, and I don't want to buy a new computer since I just started studying again and urgently need one..

Thanks in advance! 

Paper Tape
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Re: S540 2100 Detection Erro on HDD0

It's not your HDD or SSD. i have soleved my problem after 5 days of engeneering and told the solution by phone to the Lenovo helpdesk in the Netherlands. I had hoped that they would post the solution on their website.

I'm just a small reseller and don't earn money on their problems.

ok, sounds anoying but understand me, they earn lot's of money by selling this expensive junk systems but won't support them after warranty. for me, and if i may advice any one and any company: Never buy Lenovo systems again!

What's DOS?
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Re: S540 2100 Detection Erro on HDD0

Hello JohnDutch,


Would Please tell us how you have overcome this issure?  This is a 5day old P70 thinkpad - exact same issue. 


I ordered it with a 256G PCI-e harddrive. Works fine with this. 


Facts are, I want to install a second standard WD 1T HDD for storage in the bay under the back cover.  As soon as I do this it and reboot.  It comes up with 2102Smiley Very Happyetection error on HDD0 (main HDD) Press ESC to contiue. 


It's not the Boot order - I can't even find it in the BIOS.  If I take it out and Plug a SSD to USB adaptor in the PC, I recognisese it not problem. 


Sounds like I have bought a Lemon. 


Looking forward to your reply solution.



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