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What's DOS?
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TP Yoga: Mouse Lag and Trackpoint issues



I just got this TP Yoga and have had some issues with it right away.  First, the trackpoint is not working.  Second, my bluetooth mouse is very laggy.  Basically, everytime I leave it for a few seconds I need to double click or move it for abotu 2-3 seconds before it starts working again.  These things combined make this very annoying to work on. 


What I have done: restarted the computer, reinstalled windows, updated to the latest drivers on the lenovo website, then called tech support.  My option now is to send it back and lose my computer for 10 days.  


Anyone else have any suggestions?  


Thank you all!

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Re: TP Yoga: Mouse Lag and Trackpoint issues

Have you tried disabling any power saving features on Bluetooth? Maybe the mouse is going to idle. I had a similar issue with a MS BT 5000 mouse.

Not sure why your TrackPoint isn't working though. Does the touchpad work?

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What's DOS?
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Re: TP Yoga: Mouse Lag and Trackpoint issues

Thank you for your reply.  I messed with all of the bluetooth settings for sometime and couldn't find a solution.  Uninstalled and reinstalled bluetooth driver several times, reinstalled windows as well.  


I also called Lenovo and no solution except to send the unit in. 


Since, I had just got the unit I went ahead and excahnged it for another one and the new device has NONE of those problems.  Bluetooth mouse works fine as the trackpoint.  


Guess it was just a defective unit!

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