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Blue Screen Again
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TP Yoga numerous issues with screen and digitizer




I bought a 20CD0001IV about two months ago (Demopool). I need it for work and drawing, but so far I have numerous issues. And right now I'm kinda lost: What should I do? Send a support question to lenovo/IBM EC? Contact my retailer? Are these common problems? I'm also not sure about my warranty. The Lenovo Solution Center says, I still have warranty. The different parts of the website say different things. I'll assume worst case: My warranty is likely expired.


I tried:

Fresh Installation Windows 8.1, newest drivers, newest Wacom drivers. Tried different settings. Calibration, Pressure Curves, all the stuff. Have 3 different Pens. Searched google, searches this forum...



  1. Massive Ghosting, I know, there is a solution on the forum. It says to replace the old screen with a newer model, but is this possible if the warranty is expired?
  2. Calibration is a mess! The digitizer point wobbles under the pen, this is most obvious near the screen border, where straight lines turn into curves. But it's also an issue in the middle of the screen. In some places the cursor is 2mm top left of the actual pen tip, in other places it's bottom right UNDER the pen. I tried all kinds of calibration already... I know about a "dead spot" issue, but this was fixed with a firmware update and my issue is all over the place, not just one spot.
  3. The screen is not very solid. Even medium pressure with the pen leads to dark and light display glitches near the tip. 
  4. Pen pressure "clipping". The 100%-Pressure is reached waaaay too quickly when I actually press with medium force. This leads to a very screwed pressure curve, where drawing lighlty or drawing medium is a lot harder, because there is not much scope. Basically, I draw with 100% Pressure 90% of the time. 100% should only be reached when I press intentionally hard.... I tried this with different pens, it's not an issue of the pen. (This is also not the first wacom device I use, so I can compare... I'm not just heavy handed...). The wacom settings themselves are not of real use, they only influence to curve from 0 to 100, but can't move the 100%-Point itself (maybe someone has a better understanding of the wacom settings and knows how to do it)
  5. Edit: ...The ThinkPad Logo just came off, too o_O

To be honest, this is terrible quality for a lot of money. I could live with one or two issues, but this is almost unusable. I wonder if those are common problems and all Yogas have a screen like this. I had a Samsung Slate before and the screen was like solid glass and did not dent at all and I never had so many problems at once.


I don't expect solutions for those problems. But I hope that someone can point me into the right direction like "Yeah, this is a known hardware thing, read this...". If someone knows a good tool to troubleshoot/analyse Wacom Input let me know (I only tried the Pressure Curve Tool).


Is there any hope at all if my warranty is really expired?

Blue Screen Again
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Re: TP Yoga numerous issues with screen and digitizer

I did some more testing with the maximum pressure issue. And it might be related to the pressure level of pens. As far as I know the Yoga supports 1024 levels. I have a new Wacom PL-900 and it has only 512, and the pressure problem is strongest. It is the same with the original Yoga pen, I'd say - even though this should have 1024 levels? But with an old Samsung Series 7 pen I need to press harder to reach 100% pressure - although it is still not really "hard". I'm not entirely sure how many pressure levels the Samsung Slate pen has, thought it was 510, but have seen some reviews mentioning 1024...

Anyway, I posted this issue in the wacom forums.

Core Memory
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Re: TP Yoga numerous issues with screen and digitizer

I bought this computer principally for the pen/digitizer, but I almost never use it as the pen is so horribly imprecise and the software (drawing) in tablet mode is pretty bad (I basically need to import photos and then draw over them quite precisely using various layers: I document condition of artworks.I find myself going back to my Samsung Note and then importing the images into Windows).

As far as the innacurate pen is concerned - do the Wacom drivers improve the situation ? On some other forum someone said the newest lenovo updates were better than the wacoms.

Is there some better system for calibration other than the software provided on the Lenovo which doesn't seem to do much at all ?

Will spending a fortune on a better pen improve the situation ? (My cheapo stock pen on the Samsung Note works fine - on the Samsung)

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