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Token Ring
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TPY 14 (S3) - Intel Graphics Display Driver issue

Earlier I posted a problem I had with my default graphics card's driver (here). Now it looks like it's stepped up to the next level. Now Windows won't let me use my secondary graphics card at all. When you left-click a program file there is an option that says "Run with graphics processor >". For some reason it's greyed out, it won't let me use anything other than the default integrated graphics card. I can't understanding what's going on. I even reinstalled the Nvidia drivers, but that didn't fix anything.
None of the graphics drivers have been replaced through any sort of update service of any sort, apart from the Nvidia driver reinstallation today.
This computer definitely recognizes that the secondary Nvidia card is on here. GeForce Experience says that there is a 840m on here and so too does SpeedFan.
The issue now is that I can't actually launch anything using the Nvidia card. If I somehow do, the program freezes after a few seconds (Not Responding). The mouse and all still works... and if I force close the program and try to restart it, the "Run with graphics processor >" button is greyed out.
Restarts have done nothing.
I'm starting to doubt that AVG might have done something. I had been using Norton all this while, but it expired so I decided to try AVG until I renewed Norton, and it ran some PC Tune Up. That did some Registry cleanup (including what it terms as "Temporary Windows Files") and defrag, HDD defrag, removed broken shortcuts, and some other things. I got suspicious and restored all the changes that AVG made, to no avail.


I can't understand it, and frankly I'm getting a little worried now.

Have a good day.
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Re: TPY 14 (S3) - Intel Graphics Display Driver issue

Hi again RamtheCowy


I have a Thinkpad Yoga 14 (20DM008UUS) with Windows 10 (recently updated to 1511 -10586.3)


I still see the "Run with Graphics processor" option when an I right click over a program.


Let's compare our drivers, check my screenshots.


Click here to view image #1


Click here to view image #2


DriverEasy found  me newer driver for the Intel Video. I will try it also on the next days.


Click here to view image #3






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Token Ring
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Re: TPY 14 (S3) - Intel Graphics Display Driver issue

Hello again Martin, I seem to see you everywhere nowadays heheh
Actually I found the issue.
The other day my WiFi was out so I turned off the WiFi thing in the computer using the hotkey on the keyboard (BIG MISTAKE!!! don't do it) but what that actually did is put the computer in Airplane Mode. That disables the option to choose which graphics processor to use. You need to use the Balanced or High Performance battery plans (in Control Panel)

Thanks anyway!
Have a good day.

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