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The Thinkpad Yoga CTO build that will never ship - Buyer Beware

Let my tale be a warning to you all.


I ordered a CTO Thinkpad Yoga 370 build in early July, and after 3 order delays and a latest status from order management that stated a vague “weeks and weeks of delay, probably will ship at the end of August” repsonse from customer service, I gave up.  I’ll literally buy anything else now.


Some facts and observations:


 - Customer service in North Carolina is pleasant enough, but has zero control over the factory.

- Unlike other manufacturers, Lenovo is less than transparent about the actual status of your order.  It’s either been received, planned to ship or shipped, when we all know there’s 10’s of incremental status steps in between.  We’re in the dark folks.

- The order tracking information they have doesn’t match Hong Kong, and is days behind, only the factory can change it.

- My order changed ship dates 3x before I lost my patience, then Lenovo started outright guessing at when the order would ship and just making stuff up about why the order might be delayed.  All very pleasant, all very apologetic.

- They still refuse to release the hold on my credit card so I can just go buy something else.

- North Carolina customer service can’t cancel an order when it delays too long for a customer to wait, they can only request it.

- The lead times on the website for CTO builds are pure guesses and have nothing to do with reality.  The machine I ordered changed from 3 - 11 days to 30 days, to 3 weeks by looking at the webpage over the course of 3 days.  Clearly they have no idea.

- It’s too bad that Lenovo can’t get supply chain right, it’s actually not that complicated to be able to predict how long it will take to build a PC based on parts availability.

- I did my part.  I returned all the accessories that shipped from NC within hours of cancelling the parts of the order that shipped to me already, so now Lenovo has all the money, all the PC accessories, and the pile of I assembled parts that was going to be my PC.

- It takes an average of 6 hours for your PC to be built and thrown in a box, the entire rest of the time you wait and wait and wait is for a bunch of guys in China to goof around looking for parts for your PC.  If they didn’t have the parts, they probably shouldn’t take your order.


- After spending 20 year saying really nice things about IBM / Lenovo, I’m done.  I’ve had better customer service and order fulfillment in Dairy Queen drive-thrus run by teenagers.  You can bet you lost a $2000 sale but also many many others in the future.


I’m still waiting for a supervisor call, but I’m not holding my breath.

2017 Yoga 370 (personal) 2017 T570 (work), LG G6
Posts: 83
Registered: ‎07-07-2017
Location: US
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Re: The Thinkpad Yoga CTO build that will never ship - Buyer Beware

And so, in another case of the well meaning left hand in NC not knowing what the right hand in Hong Kong is doing, the PC actually shipped today.  After 4 days of trying to unsucccessfully cancel the order because it was seemingly never going to ship, and after having RMA'd all the accessories and the warranty, it shipped.


I'm just going to ignore all of it, forgive it's difficult birth, buy an extended warranty when the machine gets here and move on.


This could have been so much easier.

2017 Yoga 370 (personal) 2017 T570 (work), LG G6

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