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Paper Tape
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The Yoga confusion

hello lenovo crowd.


there seems to be absolutly no way of knowing wich yoga model has the digitizer panel combinded with an electro magnetic resonance pen/stylus/digitizer. Which in the age of online buying is insane(it goes for other specs aswell). There are many many product reference numbers out there and many of them not mentioned in Product Specifications Reference(PSREF) (us and we) . "20CDS05S00" for examle, ofcourse, the model im looking to buy online.  (probably a model aimed to sell at the "new" walmart in mozambique). I, and sure manny others, would greatly appreciate if Lenovo people got it together and made it clear what is what to clients that don't have the luxory of time for going to a 6 story shop and trying all of the 362 models.


In great appreciation of an answer or any type of clarification, professional artist, long time thinkpad user(90's ibm), long time tablet user(x200 as first from the thinkpad line), Casper


ps.: maybe the answer is obvious and this is a completely illegit rant, but im sorry, i just can't seem to find it.

Punch Card
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Re: The Yoga confusion

Similar problem in buying Yoga 500 models - there is an older model with a suffix of IBD and a newer model with suffix of ISK. When buying online, you're never sure which model you're getting. Important for us to get the ISK as this model has the TPM security chip missing from the IBD. In fact, whether or not the TPM chip is fitted is often missed from technical specification.

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