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Lenovo Staff
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I'm replacing the HDD in my ThinkPad S430 but am having trouble getting the DVD media to be recognized so I can install a new OS on the blank HDD.


I tried booting up the laptop but it refuses to boot off of the DVD drive. I have tried Windows 7 and a plethora of Linux distros, but it simply refuses to boot (the closest I have gotten was Xbuntu, which gave me the "Do you want to install or try?" screen before giving me a black screen no matter what I chose).


I then choose @boot from DVDrom", and couldhear the DVD spinning up. A black screen then came up for a few seconds, I am directed back to the "Choose Boot Device" options page.


According to the BIOS screen I am running v2.07.


The laptop is configured to boot using UEFI+ Secure boot.


Check on your settings in BIOS.


If you want to install Win 7, select "BIOS" instead of "UEFI".  The setting may also be called legacy - see this related article.

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