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Paper Tape
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Re: ThinkPad Twist Battery Life

@CharlieTwist wrote:

I just replaced the HDD on my Twist with Samsung SSD 256GB Pro a few weeks ago. Used the migration software from Samsung to clone the HDD data very smoothly. The whole system now is faster, but I also noticed that the original setting, 320 GB HDD+24 GB SSD combination was fast enough. I didn't notice significant longer battery time with the SSD, though.

I did the exact same thing except I didn't use the migration software, I chose to do a clean install.  All I noticed is the speed increase and maybe additional 10 or so minutes battery life(give or take about 3 hours).  Like the computer, hate the battery life.

Paper Tape
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Re: ThinkPad Twist Battery Life

Just curious if you guys saw any improvements with the hard drive seach / index function disabled?


I have the chance to get a used i5 320gb twist in about  2 weeks for about $300.  If I could get around 4 hours out of it, I would be happy.  

Fanfold Paper
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Re: ThinkPad Twist Battery Life

Not sure if anyone has tried this, but I just finished a clean install of win8.1pro x64 oem without any of the bloatware or anything.  Just installed all up to date drivers (Intel driver search finally recognized my hardware after clean install) running super fast (500gb hdd + 24gb ssd) compared to factory image, but my battery life is no better, only about 2 hours (maybe 3.5 on power saver) if using actively.  Not good exactly good news, just thought I would share..

Paper Tape
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Re: ThinkPad Twist Battery Life

Hello, got a Twist s230u here.


have same problems as this guy with his edge


Maybe anyone knowing a solution for this?

Paper Tape
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Re: ThinkPad Twist Battery Life

Hello, I've been used ThinkPad Twist since 8 months ago. In BatteryCare it shows the real capacity now: 36.540 mWh and with battery wear 13,98%. I think that Lenovo battery have very bad quality.


But I surprised, when I'm using it in my school. It enters 10% at 12:55 pm, and in Windows i get 30 min (10%) remaining.

And then, the battery enters 7% at 1:10 pm, and in Windows i get 13 min (7%) remaining. But, surprisingly it didn't get hibernate until 2:05. Between 1:10 to 2:05 pm, Windows shows 7% remaining. Nothing changed. The change is only in how many minutes left.

In 1:10 it says 13 min

In 1:20 it says 20 min

In 1:30 it says 17 min

In 1:40 it says 6 min

In 1:50 it says 15 min

In 2:00 it says 14 min

In 2:10 it says 13 min (6%) remaining

And in 2:13 it hibernated.


I am using Microsoft Word, with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Audio off, and with 20% brightness.

I am aware about why in 7% there are so many minutes that I could spent on. 0:55 minutes with 7% battery. In BatteryCare, 7% is 2380 mWh, and my average usage is 9,5 W. I think, normally it should ran out at 0% in just 13 minutes, just like Windows was saying.


Then, if I spend 55 minutes on 7%, I think that the battery capacity in "7%" is = (55/60 hours x 9,5 W) + (6% x 36,54 Wh) = 8,708 Wh + 2,192 Wh = 10,9 Wh.

So, in my 36,54 Wh battery, Windows should thinks it as 34% remaining. I DON'T WANT TO SPENT MORE TIME WITH CONFUSENESS!!


I want to ask LENOVO, is that a battery calibration problem? How do I fix it?

If I don't, what will you do for my laptop?

PLEASE, answer me! Thank you for your attention.



Ichlasul Affan



Lenovo ThinkPad Twist 3347-6CA

Windows 8.1 Single Language

Core i7-3537U


HDD 512 GB + SSD Cache 24 GB

Fanfold Paper
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Re: ThinkPad Twist Battery Life

Ok, so I purchased twist 2 months ago, just because loving the design idea of twist, but idle 3 hours battery life got me lose interest fast, so I bearly used twist again after my first day purchase. I 

spent bit time read all 19 pages comments last night, because I think myself pretty knowledgeable in computer, so I decided to do a clean install win 8.1 and changing hdd to a ssd today. 



the result, I think it is amazing. after installing win and device drivers, I played around with win settings, and guess what? I got 6 hour and 20 mins compeletly idle time, by compeletly idle I mean no apps window, but all background tasks still running.


then I started installing sofewares such as office 2007, during the installation, even the remaining time keeps changing, but I find it solid around 5 hour and 15 mins average, so I imagin during daily word processing or surfing webs should give me 5 hour and 30 mins run time.


in conclusion, I think you need to be very careful about what you are installing to you twist, and you must understand each software you choose to install from lenovo website to your twist, not all of them are making your twist a better machine, but also not all of them will kill your twist.


I do have blutooth and wifi functioning during my test. The processor on twist are more powerful than most of the 10 hours netbook, so during use, rapid change on remaining time is understandable. All in all, I think twist is a great machine,  builds to fit the exact type of people who need it. So if you are kind person wants to play battlefield 4 on an ipad, then please look elsewhere.


Excuse my not good english, hope my test could you help you.


What's DOS?
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Re: ThinkPad Twist Battery Life

i am f-ing disgusted with my su230 - my 5 yr old incadescent torch light provides better battery life than my lenovo su230. 7 hours battery life - where? on Mars? it is certainly not on earth - i am getting 2.5 even after many optimizations discussed in this forum. I am willing to give back my laptop to Lenovo - for free if they admit they lied about the battery life

What's DOS?
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Re: ThinkPad Twist Battery Life

I upgraded to a SSD an did not see any extra battery life.

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