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Fanfold Paper
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Re: ThinkPad Twist Battery Life

Well, I got the 2.5" SSD in today, doesn't fit - looks like the Twist uses the smaller sized SSDs.. grrr


I've had it with this thing, nothing but headaches - the jerk at Staples wouldn't let me take it back on day 16, 14 day only, so I'm going to sell it and get something else... just not worth all this trouble.


Good luck everyone

Serial Port
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Re: ThinkPad Twist Battery Life

Sorry it didn't fit.  Not much upgrade info out there at the moment for the twist.


I actually was going to go ahead and buy the i7 with 8 gigs and 128 gig SSD from Lenovo but there order site is down,   wondering if it is a sign to get the Dell XPS 12?

Former Employee
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Re: ThinkPad Twist Battery Life

Hi all,


just to update, the teams are still investigating and analysing the issue. At this point, they have yet to update me on their findings. I'll post more on the developments once i get an update.



Serial Port
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Re: ThinkPad Twist Battery Life

Now that more reviews have come out on these hybrid ultrabooks it looks like 4 hours is the typical run time for all the makes and models,  now ASUS came up with the detachable tablet with the keyboard dock with extra power and Sony has the external sheet battery for the Vaio slider.   Dell XPS 12 the user can replace the battery but it has no external battery.   It looks like only the Twist uses a non-user replacable battery system.


From the looks of things going hybrid is not the best way to go if you need long battery life.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: ThinkPad Twist Battery Life

When I initially responded on how the logic of a 42,000 wHR battery at 9 watts would only get you realistically 4 hours, I had an SSD installed.  Sorry I didn't mention it the first time around.


I had the Kingston 120gb V200+ SSD in it.  The battery life didn't increase by much, only by around 20-30minutes, which gives me a solid 3 hours and 45 minutes.


Like I said, the calculation will show that it is IMPOSSIBLE to get 7 hours.  Even if you're running at 7 watt consumption (which is the lowest consumption I was able to get with everything turned down/off), how many hours do you get out of a 42 wHR?  Only 6 and that's not counting when you go to the start menu to scroll, which consumes the graphics processor, etc.


I've returned my Twist some time ago because the solution that you guys are waiting for is NOT mathamatically possible because it is the hardware limitation.  If you are savvy with processors, you will know that the the 3rd generation i-series processor is not very different from the 2nd generation i-series processor, in terms of power consumption--except that the 3rd generation processor has far less power consumption on idle than the 2nd generation.  This is what Lenovo is leveraging for their 7 hour claim.


Do yourself a favor and install BatteryBar and you can do the math for yourself:


All you have to do is watch the battery consumption and you can quickly see your system's average power consumption.   Take the Avaialble Capacity and divided by that Average Consumption, and you'll have the number of hours to expect.  Then assume you have  15% less than what you've calculated (because you actually use your computer instead of just idling all day)


Here is an idea of what I did in my configuration:

- Turned off Adaptive Brightness.  The dimming and brightening consumes more power than you just turning the brightness down to where you want it.

- Uninstalled unnecessary built in apps - Lenovo Manager, Lenovo Business Manager, Intel Business Manager, Norton Suite

- Installed NOD32 Security Essentials 5 (firewall and anti-virus)

- For Power Saver Mode, I set the Minimum CPU to 0% and maximum to 0% (forces it to use the lowest step when on battery)

- Changed Swap Space to be a fixed 4096 to 4096

- Turned off Aero Peek

- Under Intel Graphics, I turned on for Battery mode, "enable power saving technology" and "maximum battery life"

- Under Task Manager, Startup, I disabled all the unnecessary startups.  This includes the intel persistence module, hkcmd module, igfx tray module, smartaudio, bluetooth server, etc

- Disabled bluetooth


Punch Card
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Re: ThinkPad Twist Battery Life

It's too late for me to return it. I may just sell it and get smoother brand. Twist battery definitely disappoint. 

Paper Tape
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Re: ThinkPad Twist Battery Life

This is really unfortuanate. This seemed to be the best Hybird device for me as I need a powerful laptop and tablet functionality at times. Less than 4 hours of battery life with a half lit screen just won't cut it for me, especially with other devices out there today.


Sad.. i may just wait to see what other devices come out in the next few weeks.


Smiley Sad

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Re: ThinkPad Twist Battery Life

Engadget confirms our woes. The Thinkpad Twist posts 4 hours flat of battery life in their traditional video playback benchmark test.


In my experience with the X220, the "grueling" video playback tests of CNET and Engadget actually represent the maximum amount of battery life I will ever get, since running Firefox and browsing the web actually tax the CPU much more than playing a GPU-accellerated 720p video locally over and over again with no mulititasking and with headphones plugged in.


Feel like cranking the brightness up and pairing a bluetooth speaker to stream an Amazon movie? Expect 120 minutes.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: ThinkPad Twist Battery Life

For those of you who have replaced the mechanical HDD with a SSD, how has the battery life improved?


Lenovo advertises 7 hours but most people who have bought have seen less than 4 hours which is such a killer.  It would be nice to know if the investment to a SSD is worth battery wise (it obviously is for all other performance reasons)


Fanfold Paper
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Re: ThinkPad Twist Battery Life

I bought an SSD (2.5) but it didn't fit.. just a word of caution for those that are looking to make the jump to SSD

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