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I have a Lenovo Twist laptop (s230u) with pre-installed Win 8 Pro. I'm now trying to install Win 8 Enterprise that I have on bootable USB-memory stick. For some reason this just doesn't work no matter what I try. On my other laptops the same bootable memory stick works fine.


Things that have been tried:

  • Changed the boot order on BIOS but it didn't do anything.
  • Selected USB HDD on startup "Choose a temporary startup device" (a menu you will get when pressing F12 in the startup). When selecting USB HDD on Boot Menu screen just flashes but nothing happens.
  • Tried both USB inputs  and they both do the same nothing happens.

What works:

The only way to install Win 8 Enterprise was to do it in Windows after installing pre-installed Win 8 Pro. The problem is that  this way I'm not able to do any changes to disk partitions.


Is there any way to get Lenovo Twist to boot from an USB? 


Newer machines utilize UEFI BIOS and Secure Boot, which may be preventing you from from using the USB on startup. 


Ensure that you have Secure Boot disabled in your BIOS, Enable legacy boot, and this may assist in your goal. The UEFI BIOS won't boot from a normal usb key. 


Also ensure that the the SECURE BOOT in UEFI is changed to "Legacy Only" and it should work again.

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