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ThinkPad Yoga 14: Secret On-Screen Touch Keyboard ?

Hello Lenovo Forum,


I installed Xubuntu on my Thinkpad Yoga 14 and one day I tried to poke around and click the mouse button during boot time. Then I had the magical on-screen virtual keyboard popping up on the GRUB menu. You can see a photo of the on screen virtual keyboard here:


I also give a video showing how to activate the keyboard:


Basically, clicking left mouse button (either the one on the trackpoint or an external mouse can work) will bring up the virtual keyboard. You need to touch it quickly, because every time any content on the screen changes (in this video, that is the countdown which refreshes every second) the keyboard will disappear.


Touching the a key on the Virtual keyboard is equivalent to pressing the corresponding physical key. In this video I clicked Down Arrow, Up Arrow and Enter and booted Xubuntu.


The Keyboard shows only in the GRUB Menu, as far as I have tested. It does not pop up in BIOS even if you click the left mouse button in BIOS.


Is there a more detailed description of this Keyboard available? I searched "Thinkpad Yoga 14 virtual keyboard grub" but got no useful results, so the Keyboard looks like a secret, an easter egg or some maintenance mode to me. Personally I think this keyboard will make it very convenient for those who use the Yoga in tent mode / presentation mode / tablet mode and need to reboot across Linux and Windows and have no external USB keyboard and do not want to convert back to laptop mode just to choose one menu item in GRUB.




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