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ThinkPad Yoga 260 Bluescreen and screen flicker workaround



I have seen a lot of posts regarding various bluescreen / screen flicker problems on Yoga 260 ThinkPad and some other models related to lifting the open PC on battery in the leftmost corner.


This had been bugging me quite a bit as I really like the PC and I finally managed to work around the problem which i guess is a combo of the small piece of plastic under the RAM not staying in place and the battery being a little to "sloppy" for the mount.


his is what I did.


1. I duct-taped the plastic behind the ram t stay in place.



2. I put a bevel of duct-tape beneath the battery to suppot it when pressuered upon.



3. Taped an old credit card (in fact an old card to the gym - this way I found a use for it Smiley Happy to the battery to support it.



4. Make sure this thing properly clicks into place before securing the battery again (don't worry about the third screw on the battery - it goes through the  back of the cover).




That's was it for me! Nothing duct tape cannot solve Smiley Happy

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