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Fanfold Paper
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ThinkPad Yoga 260 & 460 Digitizer

Hey, does anybody know which pens are compatible with the Yoga 460?

For me the pen tip feels a bit too hard on the display.


I've had the Note 10.1 2014 with a better Pen and bought a Lenovo stylus. But they were passive digitizers...

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Re: ThinkPad Yoga 260 & 460 Hands-On

Hi, welcome to the forums.


I can only talk from my experience.  I have ThinkPad Pen Pro 4X80H34887 on my Thinkpad Yoga 14 ( 20DM008UUS ).


For what I know (I may be wrong) the Pen Pro uses Wacom technology, it has a battery inside. I found it very nice with a nice size... but it depends on personal taste.


Can you post the full model number of the computer you want to check it will work with the pen?

I know that the Thinkpad Pen Pro web page may not say much. So, what I saw it was recomended on this forum was:

1) Check your computer model against the PSRef Books:

See if your model is listed with "Active Pen" support.


2) There is more information about the Thinkpad Pen Pro here:


There is also the Thinkpad Yoga Pen , but I don't have experience with that one, some amazon review says it does not have batteries and it focus for replacement for Thinkpad Yoga that came with pen... but I don't know.



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Fanfold Paper
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Re: ThinkPad Yoga 260 & 460 Hands-On

most digitizers use Wacom technology...

But yes, the Yoga 460 (20ELS00000) has Active Pen Support.


So if you've tested the TP Pen Pro, how is the pen tip? Is it hard or soft?


I dont think the TP Yoga Pen works with my laptop beacause its a passive digitizer...

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