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[ThinkPad Yoga S1 20C0] No Bluetooth devices found (Windows 10 Driver)

I am using a Windows 10 64-bit system and having bluetooth issues due to broken drivers.



- go to Windows 10 settings

- click on bluetooth

- let the system search for devices

- (optional) switch off and on the bluetooth in order to reset the search



Windows does not find any devices. No headset, no controller, no phone. It was different a while ago, I could connect all these devices without difficulties.


It is a driver error for sure, as I also booted a Live CD with Arch Linux distro, loaded bluez and bluez-utils, activated the bluetooth.service and did a device search with scan on in bluetoothctl. It immediately found all devices.


I did try drivers on your support page:

I did try one for Windows 8.1 x64 and one for Windows 7 x64. I also tried the automatic installation through Lenovo System Update. These all did happen on clean installation of Windows 10, no other software installed.


How am I supposed to get bluetooth back running on Windows 10 again?

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Re: [ThinkPad Yoga S1 20C0] No Bluetooth devices found (Windows 10 Driver)



Do you see the Bluetooth recognized on the "Windows Device Manager"?

Since you booted Linux and bluetooth is working I don't think it may be a hardware issue like you said.


Just in case did you updated the BIOS from the support site of your model ? There are some updated on the BIOS related to Window 10 compatibility.


I'm not sure which Bluetooth device you have on it. Is it the one from Intel. Maybe you can an updated driver on the Intel site, or sometimes I use DriverEasy (not from Lenovo) to help me find a newer driver on their database.


I hope this helps in something.



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