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Blue Screen Again
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ThinkPad Yoga S1 AND Yoga 12 - pen stops drawing / writing

I have two staff members with different Yoga models, but with the same pen issue. Say, for instance, OneNote is open. The pen doesn't draw or write, but it can select and still be recognized. When I try using an old stylus from an HP Elitebook, it works TOTALLY fine - even the button on the pen functions properly.


This suddenly started after months of the Lenovo pens working fine. I thought maybe it was a driver issue, but it can't be as the HP pen works.... I'm thinking it's the pen itself just getting worn down? It looks okay though but may be just a little loose... Any help / direction would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: ThinkPad Yoga S1 AND Yoga 12 - pen stops drawing / writing

Hi, welcome to the forum.


I'm just curious to know which HP pen do you have that is working with the Thinkpad S1 and 12. Can you please share a picture and any part number that is on the pen??... just curious.


About the Thinkpad Pen. Which pen do you have on it? Is it an active pen (that has internal battery) can you check that the battery is charging? There used to be some issues with some pens that has the charging contacts on the top, that when you "dock" them on the laptop, the contacts where not charging the pen. Can you check if it is that kind of pen? (maybe you can share the part number and/or a picture).




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Blue Screen Again
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Re: ThinkPad Yoga S1 AND Yoga 12 - pen stops drawing / writing



The pen that goes with our old laptops - HP EliteBook 2740p:


The Thinkpad pen that we have is not an active pen. It's part number 4X80F22110 and is a digitizer with the angled eraser/end. 

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