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Paper Tape
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ThinkPad Yoga TouchPad Issues



I have purchased a Lenovo ThinkPad couple of weeks ago and am struggling to get TouchPad working properly since then.

What I want to achieve is a flawless TouchPad experience, which includes:

  • Right button click with two fingers only, right click zone disabled;

  • Natural vertical scrolling;

  • Natural “back” and “forward” three-finger swipe (i. e. left to right – backward).

On the first boot-up my laptop updated UltraNav drivers to the latest version from Lenovo support site. It’s version from January 14 2014. This driver is not stable at all and has various issues and drawbacks:

  • Metro apps are crashing when scrolling (Twitter, Facebook etc);

  • You need to click and activate the scrolling zone, hovering the cursor over it is not enough. As a result in start menu tiles are selected successively while scrolling (white border around), and you can’t check several tiles if you need to scroll;

  • It’s impossible to disable the right-click zone;

  • When scrolling in classic-UI apps the cursor sometimes changes to an arrow with a scrollbar. This inconsistency is annoying.

  • Driver tuning window is all crippled, labels are not formatted properly, and some of them are not visible;

  • It is impossible to change to natural backward and forward swipe.

I then downgraded to Lenovo’s driver 17.0.9 as of October 25 2013. It performs better but still has all issues of apart from Metro apps crashing.

I decided to download and install the original driver from Synaptics web site. It functions much better than Lenovo’s ones, but introduces new problems.

  • TouchPad is not disabled when I flip the screen to tablet mode;

  • It is still not possible to natural backward and forward swipe.


Is anyone experiencing the same problems? Is there a way to fix the Lenovo driver or to make the original one turn the TouchPad off in tablet/tent mode?  Where may I file a bug report to Lenovo?



Paper Tape
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎02-04-2014
Location: Moscow, Russia
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Re: ThinkPad Yoga TouchPad Issues

I've done furhter researching and found out some other strange Lenovo's TouchPad driver behaviour.


In any verion you can't simply change registry values to fine tune TouchPad. Every single value is overwritten by Rundll32.exe and SynTPEnh.exe each time the system starts or mouse settings opened. As a result you can't disable right button (ExButton4Action key).


Version 17.0.9 does not make Metro apps crash and scrolling works without activating selection (no white border around tiles). It also disables right button for both one- and two-finger click if you turn off two-finger click.

Paper Tape
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎02-04-2014
Location: Moscow, Russia
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Re: ThinkPad Yoga TouchPad Issues

Found yet another touchpad problem: bottom right corner is irresponsive. If you start selecting an area on the desktop and move your finger right to the bottom right corner selection drops. 


It seems like a hardware issue with all ThinkPad Yogas. Tested a brand new laptop in Lenovo store the other day and it was doing the same. Other TP models work fine.

Punch Card
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Re: ThinkPad Yoga TouchPad Issues

Hello. I updated to the 7.0.12 driver because my touchpad would get unresponsive after each start. My main problem is the sporadic behaviour of the two finger scrolling. I tried different PDF Readers and all work horrible with the new touchpad driver. Each application reacts differently to the scrolling. Some scroll very fast while others scroll very slow and some applications have very fast acceleration while others don't. The momentum is also all over the place and it keeps scrolling in a stuttering wrong way.  I tried everything in the settings but no configuration solved the problem. The old driver 7.0.9 did not have this issues but the touchpad would get unresponsive sometimes. I would really like to fix this problem.


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