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Sometimes when my ThinkPad Yoga gets into sleep mode it becomes unresponsive; pressing the power button doesn't reactivate it, even when I do so for more than 30 seconds.


Everything else seems to be 'working' - the power indicator blinks, the Fn key is lit, the fan is working and the laptop is heated. Then the Yoga's battery is eventually drained.


I read that it is possible to do a hard reset or reboot but I cannot seem to locate such a button. Does the ThinkPad Yoga have this too?



In the event that your computer stops responding, press and hold the power button for four seconds or more.


If the computer still is not responding, remove the ac power adapter and reset the computer by inserting a needle or a straightened paper clip into the emergency reset hole to turn off the computer.




Lenovo is continuing to investigate these symptoms.  As an interrim recommendation, customer should flash the latest BIOS and install the latest Intel Graphics Driver.  As a recent update (Sept 2014), Lenovo also recommends updating the realtek PCIE driver


(1) Latest BIOS Version 1.17


(2) Latest Intel HD Graphics Driver Version


(3)Next, try disabling iSCT in BIOS and uninstall the iSCT software/driver through Control Panel.  


(4) Update Realtek PCIE driver

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This is great there's a known workaround, however the machine should be able to wake up from sleep.  What's the real fix?


That is a RE-BOOT!  Not really an acceptable work around.  There has to be a better option.  I've only had my ThinkPad Yoga a few weeks and ready to send it back.  Already had to have the OneLink replaced too.


What is the correct method to wake up a ThinkPad Yoga from sleep mode?


Lenovo is investigating the root cause of this issue and we will update the article once an update is available.

This work around is intended to recovery the system in the event that it becomes hung.


Normally, opening the lid or pressing the power button should recover from sleep.


And, the reset button hole is very small.  I missed finding it the first few times - but indeed there is a pin sized hole as per the image above.


Have tried the secret reset button twice now after black screen from sleep mode...still not coming on?? Come ON! 


I must add that I have the same issue exactly (had it twice in one month) with S540, latest BIOS and Win7.

Seems to me the sleep sequence is bad as the notebook is hot somehow. It seems to sleep (led blinks) but cannot wake up.


my yoga 13 facing the same problem. after shut it down the screen still black. 


My Thinkpad Yoga has been experiencing this issue since I bought it last December.  Has Lenovo found the root cause of this issue so that I can get it addressed before my warranty expires?




It appears that there can be multiple causal factors.

Most recently, the card reader updates which I just posted to the KB above.


Please also note the updated recommendations on ISCT


I have had similar symptoms (i7 version, 256GB SSD), twice. But rebooting was not an option either, the Yoga remained completely dead. The service center replaced the mother board the first time. The second time they reset the CMOS (whatever that may be) But now it happend a third time.....only a few weeks later.


I tried to install the latest HD Graphics driver, but the message said it was not validated?




I had this problem on w540 and t540p, which has Intel HD Graphics 4600 Series and Nvidia Quadro K1100M (w540) and GeForce GT730M (T540). The problem was the Intel HD Graphics 4600 drivers. It didn't work with the latest drivers. I intalled driver version, as it says in the readme file. The problem ocurred on Windows 8.1 pro, 64-bit!


Also, for the nvidia adapters, I have the latest drivers, ver. 344.48


I hope my solution will help!


I have the same problem with a  Win 8.1 64 bit Yoga ThinkPad bought ~Sept 2014. I tried the BIOS v. 1.17 update and the Intel Graphics Driver as per the links near the start of this thread, but I don't think it make a difference. As for "disabling iSCT..." etc, I don't know enough to know what I'd be getting into. I have not done the last update, because I thought Realtek was for audio. Yes? No? Would this 3rd update likely by relevant to the problem?

I find it will turn on if I hold down the key, but at least once I have also had to ensure it was plugged in. Unfortunately, this problem correlates with the ThinkPad's habit of reverting to an external monitor, as if that were the default which it is not, even if that monitor is not turned on*  With a black screen, I could not tell if the computer was on or off, the little red light being somewhat ambiguous in some lights..

 (*This problem is in this thread:

This business of having to hold down the on key is not acceptable.  It is too easy to end up with a full restart, at the expense of losing work.

Any other ideas, ones that aren't quite as techie as suggested. Incidentally, what exactly is the "iSCAT". If I really do have to follow the instructions above, I'll need more details.


I either hold the off/on key down just long enough for it to turn on, but not enough for it to re-boot. According to the manual, the Windows key is supposed to wake it up. It doesn't .What also wakes mine up is closing, and then opening the lid. For some strange reason, my other computer, a Toshiba, has also begun to refuse to wake up, and with it, too, I often have to close and then open the lid. Very bizarre. Makes me wonder if it is a Windows issue. My Lenovo is Win 8.1 & my Toshiba is Win7.


just press the windos button on the screen . it will wake up.


This newly released patch from windows seems to reduces the frequence of problems returning from Hibernate/sleep - though it does not eliminate it.

(it comes as an optional item in windows update)


None of the suggested solutions solved my problem. BUT I'VE FOUND THE REAL SOLUTION!

The symptoms were:

  • Computer didn't wake up from sleep mode, LED blinked until battery discharged.
  • Computer didn't go to hibernate mode properly, LED blinked, computer didn't respond to power button.
  • Computer didn't shut down properly, LED blinked, computer didn't respond to power button. 
  • With all of the above symtoms, my laptop generated too much heat.


1. Restart computer.

2. Go to BIOS.

3. Turn off Intel Smart Connect Technology (iSCT).


Probelm solved.

The Intel smart Connect Technology (iSCT) does appear to be incorporated in this BIOS - ver 1.08 N19ET35W.


Sorry. Remind me how I get to BIOS. F12? F8? F2?  And exactly what is Intel Smart Connect?

My BIOS is GQET45WW (1.25)


I just bought a Yoga 3 and upgraded to Windows 10. I am having the problem described -- when I put the computer into sleep mode, the only way to wake it is a reboot that shuts down everything that was running when I put it to sleep.


I believe I am running the current version of the BIOS. Any suggestions?




i've notices that if you lock windows by pressing "WINDOWS + L´" before you close the lid, then you will be able to wake up the PC by either the mousebutton, the enter-key or the windows key on the screen. The Onelink Prodock doesn't seem to have any effect to this - docked or not. Behavior seems to be the same for both Win 8.1 an Win 10


If I don't lock windows and just close the lid while using an appllication I cannot wake up the PC without rebooting it.





Hey Everyone,


I've been having the same issue. My patchjob solution is to set the laptop to go into hibernate mode instead of sleep, when you close the lid. You can find these setting in control panel. Instead of locking up, my laptop shuts down and creates a saved state. When you open it back up, it boots back to where you had it, and voila, no sleep lockup. You might want to also disable timed sleep mode.


Lenovo, this problem is pretty unacceptable, I have already lost important work to this sleep error, please fix this issue quickly! 






Possible Solution Found:

Downgrade Intel Management Engine Interface driver to


The problem is with Intel Management Engine Interface driver ver 11x. Uninstall 11x from your machine using device manager and install the 9x version from Lenovo's site. 

Lastly, use wushowhide to prevent Windows 10 automatic updates to the driver.

I can report 3 days of ZERO dead sleep issues.

Lenovo, if you can address the 11x IMEI problem with Intel, I think many customers would be very greatful. 




The windows optional update says it only applies if quickstartup is enabled. I disabled this (and saw no difference in how fast my Win 8.1 Lenovo S1 Thinkpad Yoga started...) So I admit I have not tried this fix. .

    I still find the easiest answer is to Open and Close the Lid a few times. It is a nuisance, but it's way better than some of the Extreme Measures above.

   P.S., the other day my keyboard stopped working, though I had not bent the screen backward. Opening and closing the lid fixed that too.

   When is someone going to answer my question above? How do I get to BIOS? Which F key is it? The screen changes so fast, I can't read which one it is.


F11 should do the trick. As an update by the way, I've had zero problems with my Lenovo since the update I posted before.

The 11x management engine is an easy fix, I wouldn't call it extreme by any measure... Just a driver downgrade! I hope you fix your problem!
We bought a Yoga 500 recently, the unit was preloaded with Windows 10 Home. The sleep mode was working fine, closing and opening the lid does put the unit to sleep and woke it up. Nightmare started to happen when we upgraded to Windows 10 Pro, as we wnated the unit to join our Windows domain network. The Windows 10 Pro we bought was a full pack OEM version, in place upgrade by using the serial code is not working, it complained the code was not compatible. We had no choice but to do a upgrade installation, again Windows doesn't allowed us the upgrade by keeping existing setting, said it was due to incompatible language ( but the factory installed language was US-EN). After the upgrade, sleeping mode was broke, the unit screen shown nothing when the lid was open, we had to do force shutdown. We did reinstall of intel VGA, upgrade GeForce driver, and other meaningless action thinking to fix the sleep mode problem, there were all futile. Finally, this thread save my day! I uninstall the Intel Management Engine, revert to the older version that comes with the unit, voila the sleep mode working again. Thank you, cmack9 your suggestion save my day.

I found a workaround to wake it up...
Problem is not that the machine does not wake up. Because it does. It just "forgets" to turn on the display,
When connected to the dock or an external display I never have this problem. But sometimes when waking up alone the screen is black. (fans and lights are all working)


Yes that’s right “SOMETIMES”. It’s only every 2nd or 3ed wakeup so its not consistent and therefore hard to trouble shoot.


I found that if I manipulate the gyroscope/accelerometer to change the screen rotation it wakes up the screen.
If you have a Yoga, fold it to tablet/display mode and place it in portrait mode..
So I think the problem is with the gyroscope. I have read that many models with tablet mode and win 10 has this issue.


Looks that his bug is still here. Lenovo say 2014 that they looking fix for it. So is it so that with lenovo prodcts laptop get obsolete fasten than they manage to fix it to working order?


I purchased my Thinkpad Yoga January 2015.  I too am plagued with this issue.  What I can not believe is that this has been going on so long and when I called Lenovo Support about it, I was told that my unit is out of warranty and it would be $550 for them to diagnose the problem.  $550 for them to check out my laptop for a problem that they have known about since at least as far back as 2013!  That is unacceptable.  They were fully aware of this issue and now they seem to just be ignoring the post that continue to come in and whats worse, they are looking to profit from it. That is not customer service I expected to receive


Hell, 2013? That's a joke, isn't it.

My Yoga S1 doesn't wake up if it's runnung more than a few minutes. It doesn't shut down properly too.


I'm a power user, but haven't found a solution. I just wonder what all the business customers do. I've given up don't recomend Lenovo anymore. They're to big to fail.


Hello This is Farooq here, i have an issue reagarding my Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga 20FQ Type, which is currently running on windows 10. From last one month i faced a problem when my laptop is on sleep mode it will never come online, the power button yellow lid is blinking continuously but screen shows me black screen, no keyboard working. Please sort out this issue.




Hi Farooq


Me too. My S1 yoga has never been any good at comign back from sleep in any kind of reliable way but recently (I am on Windows 10 now Creator) it has actually been worse and never works. (Previously it would sometimes come back on but came out usually of the bag hot and with no battery left) - now I need to force a restart every time. I don't think it has ever come back on when it has been connected/disconnected form the onelink docks.
Can someone from Lenovo post detaisl of workign config (driers, BIOSD, BIOS settings). This is very poor and this thread has been runing for 3 years.


Employees of lenovo please help to solve the problem in your products. This attitude to business owners (TnnkPad) is not permissible.


Well, I have a Yoga 710, Model 80TX small laptop.


Yesterday morning, as it sat on my breakfast island, the laptop powered up fine, and worked great.  I closed the top, putting it to sleep.  At lunch I opened it up to check emails...  Black screen.


I read this, and other threads, dating back to 2013 and performed the following:


1.  Shut off and back on about 20 times (my estimate, but many).

2.  Performed an "emergency reset" with a toothpick in the reset hole (mine is next to the regular power switch).

3.  Someone mentioned that the issue was with the internal gyroscope, so I opened the screen fully to tablet a bunch of times.

4.  Took the AC power off and performed all of the above again.

5.  Someone mentioned that the Windows + space key would wake it up.  I did this, and also pushed all keys with the Windows key, and then all keys with the Function key.


All of the above functions did not provide even a flicker to my black screen.  Still black.


So, I performed all recommendations in this thread.  But the black screen/sleep mode issue persists.


I am convinced that some update to Windows yesterday (between my breakfast and lunch) created the issue in my Yoga.  Probably a driver or something.  BUT, with a black screen I cannot update drivers, and I don't have access to a second monitor (though I am going to bring it to Best Buy today, which is where I purchased it).


Clearly something happened in the past 24 hours to my machine.  I have never dropped it, and it is only 4 months old.  I am very disappointed. 


The sultion is to change the SSD. I have changed from a Crucial MX100 to a Samsung 850 EVO. Now everything works fine, after 3 years suffering..