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ThinkPad Yoga cannot wake up from sleep mode


Sometimes when my ThinkPad Yoga gets into sleep mode it becomes unresponsive; pressing the power button doesn't reactivate it, even when I do so for more than 30 seconds.


Everything else seems to be 'working' - the power indicator blinks, the Fn key is lit, the fan is working and the laptop is heated. Then the Yoga's battery is eventually drained.


I read that it is possible to do a hard reset or reboot but I cannot seem to locate such a button. Does the ThinkPad Yoga have this too?



In the event that your computer stops responding, press and hold the power button for four seconds or more.


If the computer still is not responding, remove the ac power adapter and reset the computer by inserting a needle or a straightened paper clip into the emergency reset hole to turn off the computer.




Lenovo is continuing to investigate these symptoms.  As an interrim recommendation, customer should flash the latest BIOS and install the latest Intel Graphics Driver.  As a recent update (Sept 2014), Lenovo also recommends updating the realtek PCIE driver


(1) Latest BIOS Version 1.17



(2) Latest Intel HD Graphics Driver Version



(3)Next, try disabling iSCT in BIOS and uninstall the iSCT software/driver through Control Panel.  


(4) Update Realtek PCIE driver


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ziptbm On 2014-02-10, 1:18 AM

This is great there's a known workaround, however the machine should be able to wake up from sleep.  What's the real fix?

Bear_Lenovo On 2014-02-11, 15:38 PM

That is a RE-BOOT!  Not really an acceptable work around.  There has to be a better option.  I've only had my ThinkPad Yoga a few weeks and ready to send it back.  Already had to have the OneLink replaced too.

Bear_Lenovo On 2014-02-11, 15:40 PM

What is the correct method to wake up a ThinkPad Yoga from sleep mode?

Mark_Lenovo On 2014-02-12, 17:46 PM


Lenovo is investigating the root cause of this issue and we will update the article once an update is available.

This work around is intended to recovery the system in the event that it becomes hung.


Normally, opening the lid or pressing the power button should recover from sleep.

sleightofhand On 2014-02-15, 17:30 PM

And, the reset button hole is very small.  I missed finding it the first few times - but indeed there is a pin sized hole as per the image above.

SWindu On 2014-03-11, 15:34 PM

Have tried the secret reset button twice now after black screen from sleep mode...still not coming on?? Come ON! 

saarblitz2 On 2014-03-17, 12:51 PM

I must add that I have the same issue exactly (had it twice in one month) with S540, latest BIOS and Win7.

Seems to me the sleep sequence is bad as the notebook is hot somehow. It seems to sleep (led blinks) but cannot wake up.

xdef2noizx On 2014-04-17, 23:30 PM



I have a wireless USB mouse that wakes my device just fine.  


But, no response from the trackpad or the touchscreen.

fathi On 2014-06-16, 6:51 AM

my yoga 13 facing the same problem. after shut it down the screen still black. 

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