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Blue Screen Again
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Thinkpad Lenovo S1 most of the times won't wake up after sleep



I've got two thinkpad lenovo S1, one works fine when going to sleep but with the other one I've been having a problem for a number of months now and it's becoming more frustating.


Basically, I'm using the laptop then I leave it for doing something else and when I come, it's gone to sleep. Fine, the problem is that I can see the 'red light' blinking but if I press any key or I press the power button for a little while the laptop doesn't wake up. It just keeps with the blinking red light. 


Sometimes, not many, it does wake up but the others, I have to press the power button for a long period, switch the laptop off and start again, losing all my sessions and opened windows in the process. 


Any idea what could be causing this issue and what I can try to have it sorted?


Thank you guys!

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Re: Thinkpad Lenovo S1 most of the times won't wake up after sleep


Which version of Windows are you using ?


I recommend updating the driver from time to time. In my case I got some stand by issues on my Thinkpad Yoga 14 that got solved when I updated/reinstalled the drivers.


The easy way on Windows 10 is to get "Lenovo Companion" and update the drivers from that utility. The other way is to visit the support site for your model and download the drivers by manually. Also, just in case, it is always good to update the BIOS to the latest one available.



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