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Thinkpad S1 Yoga: Cristicism and feedback from old customer.

Dear Lenovo,


I am an old time user of your laptops. This S1 Yoga FHD+pen is my fourth Thinkpad. I have now had it for four months. I am the kind of customer that you should value.


I enjoy this laptop enough to keep it, but I do find Very central parts of the user experience Amateurish from your end and rightly subject to Severe criticism:


Here is my criticism:


 (A) The active display area is a Far too small part of the actual screen - an ultrabook should not have 3cm of black empty space on all sides of the display.


     How can you leave ~2.5cm on the left, top and right sides, and ~3.5-4cm on the bottom, as blank black plastic??


     Also the keyboard has 2.5cm of black space to the left and right of it.


     This makes absolutely no sense -


     If this was intended, you should have given a smaller form factor to the laptop.


 (B) The Trackpoint buttons would better be real, manual buttons (aka "discrete buttons"), instead of implemented as part of the touchpad as they are now.


     The reason for this is that when pressing the Trackpoint buttons within the touchpad as they are now,


      * You need to put a big effort into actually making the touchpad perceive it as clicks at all, this is very time consuming and limits the speed of use of the Trackpoint a lot, and, 


      * While pressing these touchpad-based Trackpoint buttons, the mouse cursor tends to slide, leading to all kinds of unexpected behavior.


 (C) Also, when physically pushing down the touchpad to "click" it, it descends too far into the laptop,

        * bringing a sense of destabilization to the user experience and

        * making too much noise,

       probably you have something to learn from the Macbook Pro:s here.



The two points above are so strong that I would change laptop to one that fixed these two issues Immediately.


This is a $2500 business machine, you have all the budgets on the planet for fixing these two things.


I call on your attention to resolve these two points for the laptop's next generation.



Last, I will give you a wishlist and a pro:s section.



 * The build quality is very high.

 * All the keyboard keys are real keys, including the FN keys. This is a very strong point.

    For the next version of this laptop, leave the keyboard exactly as it is, do not change it like you did with the X1 Carbon 2014.

    (Unlike on the X1 Carbon 2014 which has a completely messed up keyboard.)

 * The new keyboard (called "chicklet"?)  provides more feedback and is of higher quality than the older variant used on the X61 etc. - well done!



 * Higher screen proportionally, like the Macbook Pro has.

 * Higher screen resolution

 * Thunderbolt plug



Feel free to contact me in person for your Thinkpad development team to get my customer feedback.



Thank you.


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