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Thinkpad S1 Yoga randomly enters Tablet mode

Over the last few months my Thinkpad S1 Yoga has developed a habit of randomly entering tablet mode when the lid is about 90-120 degrees open, as if the lid was swung past 180 degrees. Consequently the keyboard and trackpad are disabled when this happens. Closing the lid to force the computer to sleep and then opening the lid again removes the symptom. Moving the lid past 180 degrees sometimes makes the computer go into laptop mode again, or sometimes makes the display rotate 90 degrees while staying in tablet mode.


I tried to remove the sensor in Device Manager and let plugnplay rediscover it but the problem remains. So I'm guessing this is a hardware problem? For now my workaround is to keep the sensor disabled (which means no tablet mode unless I


Before I tear the computer apart and start replacing parts - it's out of warranty - any thoughts?


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Re: Thinkpad S1 Yoga randomly enters Tablet mode

Hi larsv2


Before replacing parts I always like to try updating the BIOS and drivers as much as I can.


What is the full model number of your Thinkpad S1 Yoga?


My issue is that I was not able to indentify which is the driver that manage the orientation of the screen, I'm not sure if it is a Lenovo driver of a MS driver that get's installed (or a combination of boths).



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Re: Thinkpad S1 Yoga randomly enters Tablet mode

I have the same issue. Really annoying. Windows 10 asks (I have it set that way) if I want to enter tablet mode, I always select "no", but it does so anyway! I've updated everything, drivers, etc. Followed all the online tips for disabling tablet mode: it's not possible for this Yoga S1. The only workaround is closing lid, since I have the option to restart in notebook mode.


I don't know how to find or disable the lid angle sensor. In Device Manager, Under Human Interface Devices, GPIO Laptop or Slate Indicator Drive, Device ACPI\MSFT9001 that is the closest candidate (screen capture atached). It is an MS driver, version 10.0.17134.1 from 2006-06-21 which implies that all my attempts to update Lenovo drivers have not affected this one. If I manually select to update the driver, Windows says there is nothing newer. And I see no way to disable this driver.


Mine is a Yoga S1 20CD from Dec 2015.

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