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Thinkpad S531 Wifi problem

Hi, I have a S531 with historic Wifi problemas and limited connection, but lately (specially since I installed Windows10, the situation is even worse). The laptop says it does not have Wifi connections and I don't really know what to do and how could I solve the problem. 


I have tried some solutions but, even when for a while it seems to work, in a short time it comes back to the same problem. I really do not know what to do now so I would appreciate any help. 


Thanks a lot.

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Re: Thinkpad S531 Wifi problem



I don't have that machine, but maybe we can try some things.

How does the wifi works with other access points in other locations? Do you think it works different with connected to other Wifi routers? If you move closer to the router, does it improve of is it the same thing?


- Maybe you can try first to update the Wifi driver. Check the support page for your model and see if you can update the Wifi driver. See if it improves or is it the same thing.

- Just in case also update the BIOS firmware, look on the same support site. Sometimes the BIOS is updated to have better Windows 10 compatibility.


This is what I have in mind right now. Maybe later it could be interesting if you can post the wifi adapter and driver version that you are using (from Windows Device Manager) to see if we can compare it with other users.


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