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Thinkpad Twist Tent Mode and auto rotation


The auto-rotate feature on the ThinkPad Twist running Windows 8 is controlled by the power manager module.    Early production models shipped with two different versions of this driver in the preload depending on date of manufacture (See details on versions GM6 and GM7 and initial functionality listed below).




Following the initial release of Twist, Lenovo updated the functionality to improve the customer experience in the 4 modes of operation - notebok/clamshell, stand, tablet, and tent mode.   These updates ensure the onscreen keyboard is more easily available, unwanted screen rotations / orientations eliminated, and the screen lock button functionality changes depending on mode.   These update require installation of GM8 version of the power manager and an updated BIOS version.   After these updates, the screen lock button will only lock the screen orientation while in tablet mode.   In other modes, this button will now flip the screen image - useful when shifting to tent mode.


To update, follow the instructions below to improve screen orientation in Microsoft Windows 8 on the ThinkPad Twist. For current users of the Twist, there is a new set of software updates that will enable better screen orientation and control operation. For new users to Twist, this same set of updates will insure consistent transitions to each of the four operating modes: Clamshell, Stand, Tablet, and Tent.  Full Tip with details available here on our support site.


Run ThinkVantage System Update to download driver updates. From the Start screen, type update. This will display the System Update App icon which will be located in the upper left corner of the display. Touch or click this icon to begin the update process. 


 Detailed update instructions are listed here





Background information on PRIOR functionality with GM6 and GM7 versions of power manager
 is power manager (GM6) and only supports onscreen keyboard in tablet mode and may not fully support tent mode.  ( ) is the downloadable version of GM6  ( on the web) is power manager (GM7) that provides the initial tent mode support and supports the onscreen keyboard in multiple modes.


Check the version of the Lenovo Power Management driver installed on your machine.


Note:  You need to be at driver version or higher to use Tent Mode.


a. At the main Windows 8 start screen, press the Windows key and the letter X on your Keyboard.

b. From the popup list that appears, click on “Programs and Features at the top, with your mouse.

c. In the window that opens, scroll down the list and locate the "Lenovo Power Management" driver.  Scroll over to the right to verify the version number installed on your machine

d. If your driver is not at the correct level, download and install the driver from the link below.  If your driver is already at the correct level, please see the instructions below for the proper method to enable Tent Mode.

e. The installed version of the driver should show as or higher.  


Note:  Once you have installed the driver, please read the instructions below for the proper method to enable Tent Mode.  Here are some of the different display modes and how to access them.


Twist 1.jpgLaptop mode


- Laptop mode is the default mode for ThinkPad Twist

- Press Screen Rotation Lock button to lock the screen in this mode

- The on screen message 'auto rotation off' will be displayed.










Twist 2 stand mode.jpgStand Mode


- Start in laptop mode.  

- Press screen lock to turn auto rotation off

- Twist the screen 180 degrees

- Rotate entire system to face audience

- Adjust screen angle for optimum viewing







twist tablet mode.jpgTablet Mode


- From stand mode, simply fold screen flat

- Press Screen Rotation Lock button to enable auto rotation for use in tablet mode









twist tent mode.jpgTent Mode


- Start with system in Tablet mode

- Tilt system with screen away from you, oriented so the hinge is up

- Press Screen rotation lock to hold image

- Unfold at hinge to place in tent mode










One way to easily get the screen back to the correct orientation (if it is inverted), is to use the CTRL + ALT + Arrow keys on the keyboard to rotate the screen to the desired position.  (Usually this is CTRL + ALT + Arrow Up)


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yxc2010 On 2012-11-21, 2:51 AM

Great fix!!! Every twist needs this driver.


Just one more request. I want to use tent model, when I connect to the external monitor. But after I connect to the external monitor, the rotation doesn't work on my laptop.

vanilla2 On 2013-07-17, 19:53 PM

Please add to this article the following fix/work-around (as alternative to ctrl-alt-arrow on bottom line);


win +o (toggles Autorotate on/off)


Details at http://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-Edge-S-series/Thinkpad-Twist-won-t-autorotate-in-tent-mode/m-p/1182553#M18937

vanilla2 On 2013-07-17, 19:59 PM

I posted message 25 at the long (currently 3 pages) forum on the autorotate issue here:

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