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When the camera is accessed by the Camera app or other programs like Skype, the green light turns on, but the screen is blank, only has the crossed camera logo. Device Manager shows no issues with the webcam. How can I make the webcam work?


The image of grey with the camera icon crossed out can indicate that Privacy Setting is turned on.

To fix this issue the camera must be set to Normal.


  • Go into Lenovo Settings App on Metro view, and select camera.
  • There will be the options of Private and Normal.
  • Select Normal.

Here's where Lenovo Settings App located on Metro view:



If this does not fix the problem, make sure that Skype and other similar apps have permission to access the Webcam or Microphone. These settings are under Settings > Permissions.

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I had to revert back to the microsoft usb camera driver and It worked properly then