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Paper Tape
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Thinkpad Yoga 12 - WiFi connections not available

Hello folks,


I am having a super problem with my notebook, I hope someone can help...

I am a happy owner of a 1.5 years old Thinkpad Yoga. I updated to Windows 10 last year but no major issues so far. Around one month ago though, I started getting some problems with my wifi connections. Sometimes, after disconnecting (voluntarily), the wifi wouldn't reconnect at all and disabling the WiFi would make it even worse, because I wouldn't be able to enable it again and had to reboot. The wifi simply shows no networks and presents that little red "x" on its icon.

Well, last week the problem got worse. The WiFi stopped working and wouldn't get back even while rebooting.
Sometimes it will get back after a reboot, in those cases it stays good and alive as far as I don't reboot and keep the device enabled.

I ultimately resetted my Windows yesterday to see if it problem would be fixed. The windows started up good, but when I started again today, the problem was there again.


Some facts:

1. I saw no particular pattern on which circumstances the problem is shown more often.

2. The device manager will show the wireless adapter sometimes, but most times won't.

3. The Bluetooth radio doesn't seem to be affected at all by this issue.

4. Updating or reinstalling the driver doesn't seem to help, although it can bring the wifi adapter back to work (until I reboot the system).

5. I had a VPN software before updating to Windows 10 (although I believe I uninstalled it before that), but my issue doesn't seem to be related to it. I tried to applying the fixes for this case, no luck.

6. It's also not related to energy policies.


Ideas, anyone?


I imagine it could be hardware problem, but I can't see how it would afftect the Wi-Fi without affecting the bluetooth.


Best regards,




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Paper Tape
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Re: Thinkpad Yoga 12 - WiFi connections not available

I have a K450 desktop and had upgraded to windows 10 a while back.  Yesterday I have no wifi abilities.  Checked device manager and no network adaptor for wifi.  Attempted to download and install and still doesn't show.  Connecting with line currently but can't figure it out.  Wifi not even an option under 'connect to internet"

Paper Tape
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Re: Thinkpad Yoga 12 - WiFi connections not available



Has anybody found a solution to this issue? My bluetooth pretty much didn't work since day 1 - that I could live without it, but recently wi-fi adapter started to appear or disappear constantly. Since I tried many drivers, many t/s and nothing worked I am guessing it is the Intel wifi/'bt adapter that is faulty. I would have just gone ahead and bought the latest Intel wi-fi, but since Lenovo has a whitelist that is not possible. Therefore I will have to deal with the warranty service.


Does anyone has any informed how this issue has been solved with other people?

It's pretty bad there is no way to contact Lenovo support directly and have to deal with local service (I got the Yoga 12 (20DK002EUK) laptop from UK, will have to service it in Bulgaria, but I am residing in Bosnia mostly and resist using local services). 

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