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Thinkpad Yoga 14 (20DN) Fan disabled after BIOS update version 1.14 / 1.24

Hi and thanks for reading.

After running updates through Lenovo Companion, I tried to run a game, and noticed that my performance was terrible. It was than that I noticed that my fans weren't working anymore, and the GPU was throtteling.

I've tried a lot of different things. The fans just never spin up, not even on cold boot like they used to.
I've looked around the forums for solutions (this was similar, amongst others), and tried running Lenovo Fan Test, which just gives me "Fan Unavailable". Other monitoring applications tell me there simply is no fan available, or the thing is running at 0 rpm, which is accurate.

I read that fan control is part of the BIOS, so I checked, and I have the lastest version installed (1.14/1.24 as mentioned).
The people from the Thinkpad yoga 12 thread suggested downgrading the bios. I tried different version but that just gives me the ol' "Secure Flash Authentication Failed" message. I have found the knowledge base articles telling me to turn off "Secure RollBack Prevention" in the BIOS. I went and had a look, and it was already disabled. I toggled it a couple of times, tried setup defaults, and "Secure Rollback Prevention" Enabled and Disabled to make sure, but everything I tried simply gave the same result: When I try to do a rollback, secure flash authentication fails. Period.

The device doesn't have a CD drive, and I've tried running the flash tool from the ISO on a USB stick, which did run, but told me the firmware wasn't suitable for my device.... ?

I do feel this is a BIOS problem, and I would love to try different versions, but I can't. I'm at a dead end.
Is there anything else I can try ? The device is still in warranty, and since it is malfunctioning, I will have to file an RMA request for it if no other solution is available, which seems very silly to me.

Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for reading.

P.S. In a desparate attempt, I did try a windows reinstall, which of course, did nothing. The fans don't even turn on at boot, so why would they in a clean windows.

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