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Thinkpad Yoga 14 Screen Issue

Tried searching this one here, no luck.


I recent;ly purchased a Thinkpad Yoga 14 at Best Buy, from which I understand is a T400 so I hope I'm correct in posting in this section.


I love the machine, however, after about a week it started developing a discolored region in the lower left corner: orange in color, circular in shape, about one half to three quarters of an inch in diameter. I searched the web and found for other devices, and solutions varying from returns to software based methods (of which I am dubious).


Edit: I am noticing a slighter discoloration over a larger area in the lower left corner, barely discernable but it's there, as well as the very noticable circle.


Before I return the device, I wanted to post here to get any input. Has anyone else experienced this and their solution?

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