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Thinkpad Yoga 14 screen is terrible when using a capacitive stylus...

    I just purchased a Thinkpad Yoga 14 (which was just released today), and I have to say, I am rather disappointed. After finding out there is no active digitizer, I thought I would be able to just use a capacitive stylus to take notes (the type of stylus with a rubber tip at the end). Well, turns out that it is terrible when it comes to detecting input from a capacitive stylus (trust me, I've tried them all). The main issue that I am running into with the capacitive stylus is when it comes to writing, where the screen doesn't recognize the stylus for a split second and will actually seem like it is skipping. Here is a picture to try and show what I am talking about.


    Another issue I just ran into is I am having a very hard time trying to wake it from sleep, where I try to open up the screen but all it is displaying is black. I usually have to close the laptop, wait for a minute or so, then open it up again. Very annoying.


    There is also noticeable lag when scrolling using 2 finger scrolling. It's nothing compared to the Macbook lineup, where touchpad scrolling seems to be flawless. 

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