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Paper Tape
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Thinkpad Yoga 460 Keyboard stopped working



I just bought a ThinkPad Yoga 460 and I have a strange problem. The internal keyboard does not work any more across operating systems, so this isn't software specific.


However, the keyboard *does* work in the beginning a cold start until the operating system boots - I can enter the BIOS settings, navigate around there, I can enter the onboard diagnostics utility, everything works fine - until an operating system boots. If I just reboot without turning the computer off, the internal keyboard doesn't work.


I even restored factory settings, so I am writing this from an Ubuntu Live USB with an external keyboard until I have figured out how to restore EFI, but the keyboard still isn't working.


The problem occured after a long time of using only the external keyboard, so I can't exactly tell what I was doing when it happened.


I'm guessing it has to do with the rotation sensor being stuck, but what would be the point of disabling the keyboard if it's physically impossible to press any buttons in tablet mode... Also, the touch pad keeps working anyway.


I removed Windows from the laptop and I don't think there'd be an easy way to get it back, so I hope any solutions would work on Linux too.


Best regards,


Paper Tape
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Re: Thinkpad Yoga 460 Keyboard stopped working

Today the keyboard works again and I still have no idea why. I would really like to know what to do if this happens again.

The only thing that still doesn't work is switching on the keyboard backlight. Fn+Space just produces a space.
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Re: Thinkpad Yoga 460 Keyboard stopped working



It is good to see that your issues got solved.

My only ideas on this subject is:

1) Just check with the TPY460 support site that you are running on the latest BIOS Level. There are some other USB keyboard issue fixed, but it is not exactly what you are experiencing.

2) I would test in the BIOS if the keyboard lights turns on with "fn+spacebar" just to be sure it is not an issue on a specific OS.


That is all that cames to my mind right now.



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Paper Tape
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Re: Thinkpad Yoga 460 Keyboard stopped working


Thanks for your reply.
The issue is still there, I have just found out a workaround. Switching between tablet mode and standby (I haven't figured out how exactly) a few times brings the keyboard back.
The keyboard light does not turn on in the BIOS.
The BIOS version is 1.30, so it's not the latest. The BIOS update utility and bootable CD are both "for windows". The update utility is .exe and I guess the bootable CD should work without windows, but I need to find a way to get it running from USB. I haven't owned a CD drive in years and I don't see why Lenovo would offer a bootable CD specifically *for* a laptop that doesn't have a CD drive.



edit: just suspending the laptop and waking it up again does the trick. At least it did this time.

The problem occurs every time with every operating system I have tried. But it wasn't there in the beginning.

What's DOS?
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Re: Thinkpad Yoga 460 Keyboard stopped working

I have the same problem.

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