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Paper Tape
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Thinkpad Yoga 460



I have 3 problems with my Yoga 460:


1. (this should be easy):

Where do I get a backup image for my system from? I did not find any links on the support page.


2. I tried to download the bios update to version 1.18 from the website. If I click on the windows installer file, there is always the message "file not found". If I try to download the iso file (which is indeed working), I receive an error message about wrong format when trying to mount it to a usb drive.


3. This is the most important issue for me at the moment:

As soon as I try to update my system with Lenovo Companion software, I always get the message that I would have to upgrade my Lenovo System Interface Driver. If I hit ok to install this app, I get a download link. I tried installing it several times. After having restarted the system, the same error appears again (with the same download link). 


I would really appreciate if anyone of you could help me on these topics!


Greetings from Germany,



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Re: Thinkpad Yoga 460



Maybe it can help your 3) point by installing "Lenovo Application Interface Driver for Windows 10".

Download it from here:


Check if after installing it, it will work with Lenovo Companion.



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Re: Thinkpad Yoga 460

Good day and welcome to the community.


I'll add to Martin's advice.


For #1, if you're asking about a factory recovery image, you'll need to contact Lenovo Support, directly (info below). There is no download available.


For #2, I've never seen a report of anyone being able to do a BIOS update from the ISO mounted to USB. I would recommend borrowing a USB CD/DVD drive and doing the update that way, which is the way I do them. Regarding the other file not being found, I just now tried downloading from: and was successful, so you may wish to try again.


Hope this helps.




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Re: Thinkpad Yoga 460

I have some information I'd like to share regarding the second and third items.


2. As a result of your post, it was found that the download link for BIOS v1.18 was incorrect. That has been fixed. You should now be able to download this BIOS version successfully.


3. The problem you reported with Lenovo Companion should have been resolved earlier this year. A team is checking internally to see why you are experiencing this.


I will post again when more information becomes available for a solution to number three.


Thank you,

Paper Tape
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Re: Thinkpad Yoga 460

Thank you all for your answers!


Yeah, the Bios update is now indeed working correctly.

I just updated my Bios. The problem with Lenovo Companion is still there unfortunatelly.


The recovery software is not really important as I just wanted to know where to get it for the case system stops working completely - hope that won't be soon Smiley Wink


But I encountered yet another problem: There seems to be a sensor in order to protect the harddrive. After playing some games for a while, a small flashing icon in the task bar appeared 2 times. It seems that the harddisk protection stopped working. I get the advice to check it with PC doctor DOS. When I run a self diagnosis with the BIOS utility at startup, everything seems to be in order. This is confusing.


But again, thanks for your effort and for the quick answers Smiley Happy


Best whishes,



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Re: Thinkpad Yoga 460



I am glad to hear the BIOS executed successfully. I have forwarded on report #4 internally to see if there is an answer.


Would you mind answering a few questions regarding #3, Lenovo Companion?

    • When the error message appears and you click “Cancel”, can you use Companion and/or Settings as normal?
    • When you click “Cancel”, does the message re-appear?
    • What version of Win10 are you running?

I've also sent an email to your registered email address.


Thank  you,

Paper Tape
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Re: Thinkpad Yoga 460

Dear Amy,


Thank you for your email, I have sent you the log files.


To your questions:


When I click cancel on the error message, I am not able to use the software as intended. I cannot perform any checks on my system and I am unable to look for updates.


The message does not appeare immediatelly after clicking cancel. But it appears again when I switch the tabs in the Companion software.


My Windows version is Windows 10 Home, German language, Version 1511 (Build 10586.36)


Thank you,



Fanfold Paper
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Re: Thinkpad Yoga 460

Hi, I just got my Thinkpad Yoga 460 a few days ago, and I also encountered #3 problem. The solution for that as of now is that just ignore it when you're asked to restart the laptop. So after you install the driver, just launch the companion app straightaway without restarting the laptop. That's how I solved my issue. Hope that helps.

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